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    How's it going? (2012-03-05)

    But I'm IN the choir... and I DO keep up with current events... I guess I just don't have the post count to prove it. :rolleyes: Oh well... lay it on me if you must... after all I'm one of the haters and trolls now... I've crossed over to the dark side... I deserve anything you can throw at...
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    How's it going? (2012-03-05)

    Wow... I think this just killed the Pandora for me. Those of you who have been around long enough should recognize me as someone who has ALWAYS stood behind this project, has ALWAYS been here to fight off the haters, doubters, and trolls with long rants of inescapable logic, but now I think I...
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    Pandora outdated?

    OK, I do a lot of lurking so the tension tends to build and build inside until finally I'm like "ARRGH I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! MUST... POST..." so this is gonna be a little bit tongue-in-cheek but hopefully it'll get the point across. What I see here is this: For some people, the Pandora...
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    Help Running Emulators?

    Please please PLEEEEEAAAASE, keep it just how it is. At the most maybe have it scan the root of the SD card but not scan sub-folders, just don't make it scan the whole card. The current way it works is very time and energy efficient as well as easy to use, simple to understand, and functional...
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    Still Believe In Craig & Ed Despite The Recent Revalations

    spaceballs, I don't see you starting any handheld console projects around here... if you WERE, I have my doubts you'd have done anything different. Don't let the reality of what the past was like get confused by that whole "hindsight being 20/20" thing... sure you wouldn't make those same...
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    Pandora Price Increase!

    Here's what I don't understand, Mr Tripmonkey... what about how electronic devices are made is not clear to you? If you've got 20+ years of experience fixing and building electronics then you OBVIOUSLY ought to know how the process goes right? They have the circuit boards designed, they have...
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    Still Believe In Craig & Ed Despite The Recent Revalations

    CPU, you are awesome... I like you... regardless of any OT subjects about arts or not ;) I had to come out of a 5+ month long lurking just to say that. Now, a plea for reason and peace: I can hardly even stand to come around here anymore, not even to read. As someone who at one point in...
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    Unresponsive controls

    Some things I'd like to point out: OK, first of all what is a printed circuit board? Well it's a bunch of layers of fiberglass sheets with layers of copper patterns (the printed circuit) sandwiched in between them, then a final layer gets added to the top and bottom called the solder mask...
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    I'd Support OP With A Pandora T-Shirt

    OK, well... I guess it's time I come outta the woodwork again. I've been in the works of getting together a "community T-Shirt fundraiser" idea for a couple months now... *sigh* I guess I can go public with the idea now. See, my father owns a silkscreen printing company... so, for me, creating...
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    Yeah I'm pretty sure you could change the config for Conky and make it fit on the Pandora screen, it's quite configurable. I for one think this would be an AWESOME utility for the Pandora.
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    Are Your Sdhc/sdxc Cards Working Perfectly?

    The logic here is extremely flawed. Why would someone come on here just to state what ought to be the obvious expected outcome: everything working great? If you buy a gadget, get home and start playing with it, and have NO issues with it... do you then call up customer service and tell them...
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    P.e.a.p Dream

    Funny that you would say that and then use a TomTom as your example... Try a little experiment: use mapquest to plot a route somewhere in a city you know well that has one way streets, then use google maps to plot that same route. If your experience is anything like mine (the last time I did...
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    Popsci Best Of What's New

    I think this is what my lovely wife was getting at when she said that PopSci probably isn't interested in what we're doing here... PopSci is quite obviously in the back pocket of the big-name gadget companies and could care less for REAL innovation. LOL it's quite ironic that they say they want...
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    Anyone Else Taken Yours Outside?

    True to a certain degree... my father is a professional photographer, but I do not agree with this statement... only for this reason: See? Although a good camera does not make a good photographer, a bad camera can severely cripple the skills and artistic abilities of a good photographer. I...
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    Android Poll.

    Are you really so naive that you thought it WOULDN'T happen? I WAS discussing the poll, as instructed, in this thread... ya know... clarifying to people why we don't need more options than just "yes" and "no"... making sure people are even understanding the real stakes of the argument... I...