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    Psphone Is Real!

    I find this quite interesting. A touchpad area could be perfect for FPS-action, if done right.
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    R.b Is Back To Fight

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    The Philosophy Thread

    Dudes, you got it all wrong, it's PHI-losophy not PI-losophy :P Nice to see you back, Mr. Baron :D
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    The Philosophy Thread

    I hope it doesn't make it taste bad now :P
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    The Philosophy Thread

    Nobody seems to care, but whatever. Here is the newest version of reality. I'd like to reduce the number of dimensions a bit. The first four dimensions combined are, let's call it "the causality space", where information is projected. The space "outside" is timelessness. Separating timelessness...
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    Fs: Broken Pandora

    Good news :D Nice to see you back :)
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    The Rabbit Joint

    I have to admit that I lost track of the progress, cause I only check the boards from time to time. I remember the discussion about quartercast's poll back then. I suggested they should at least recall all of the first units to replace the LCD cables to get this problem off the table in an...
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    The Rabbit Joint

    Get lost DCGM. Btw, where's Nova? He didn't post in a while. Nice signature he's got there ;) I heard Mr. entrepreneur wants to share his success. I wonder when/if he manages to deliver the first fully working unit, though.
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    Request For Being Moderator

    Cause I asked for it.
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    Good By All

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    Bad By All

    Last week I made my morning coffee and wondered why it tasted like shit and didn't kick at all. Then I realized it was decaffeinated :(
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    Request For Being Moderator

    I think the one and only Baron wouldn't be amused, so instead I'll better stick to the Waldorf&Statler role once in a while :P
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    Request For Being Moderator

    I'd call it creative and not so much immature :P You can see this request as a statement. I don't expect to get re-modded ;)
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    Request For Being Moderator

    ^ Cause I'm a liberal guy. I don't like overmoderation and I don't like the attitude that MODs are some kind of special caste. The surroundings of banning R.B. and removing SONY's pics is too intransparent for my liking.