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    Beta DPS8/M simulator + Multics 12.6f

    Hi all, Dps8m v2.1 is (almost) out, and so is Multics Release 12.7 :) I'll try my best to update my old package from 2017 as soon as possible :
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    Has anyone tried installing TwisterOS yet?

    Hi all, @ptitSeb : nice to see you are involved in this project and that Box86 is gaining traction beyond our small scene :) Cheers, Magic Sam
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    What dit you use your Pandora/Pyra today/the last few days

    Hi all, Unfortunately I'm not doing much these days with either the Pandora or the Pyra :( My plan is to resume work on my Pandora ports at some point: I'd like to automate things as much as possible with Ansible and...
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    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    Hi all :) Roughly 200 pyras in the wild, correct ? Cheers, Magic Sam
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    Release Barony: Blessed Addition

    Hi all :) @ptitSeb : do you think this game would benefit from the extra power of the Pyra ? Cheers, Magic Sam
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    The Future of Pyra's CPU

    Hi all, Do we have any news regarding the upgradable CPU ? I for one wouldn't mind a SOC with a Mali GPU, at least this one has open source drivers:
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    Release Emu EX Plus Alpha

    Hi all, Do you know whether Saturn.emu supports roms in *.mdf / *.mds format ? I just tried to play Nights into Dreams and it failed to see the roms in those formats. It couldn't open the ZIP archive either. I'm lacking a Saturn BIOS file at the moment, so that may explain why. Cheers, Magic Sam
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    Just a quick status report video

    Hi all, @EvilDragon : thank you for the update, really appreciated :) I hope you and Lady Dragon are doing fine and that you managed to take some time off during the summer break. Cheers, Magic Sam
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    battery only reaches 87%

    Hi all, Same here, I can barely reach 80%. And the battery widget currently tells me that I have 4 hours and 35 minutes left, with battery charged at 78%. Cheers, Magic Sam
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    The What Music Are You Listening To Thread

    Hi all :) I'm currently listening to Senjutsu, the last Iron Maiden album, out today (September 3rd, 2021): Cheers, Magic Sam
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    Port Requests

    Hi all :) Wouldn't it be great to play Retroguru's games on the Pyra ? @Pickle : a job for you ? ;) Cheers, Magic Sam
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    Release Zoom - a Zmachine interpreter

    Hi again ! Just started a new game at :) Feel free to join ! The name is: I'm looking forward to playing this game with my fellow Pandorians and Pyrates ! Cheers, Magic Sam
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    Release Zoom - a Zmachine interpreter

    Hi all :) I hope you'll find this piece of news interesting: And also that one: Cheers, Magic Sam
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    Current State of the Pyra

    Hi all, Any idea where the sound issue is coming from ? I have to exit almost every game I'm trying to play in order to get rid of it... :( Cheers, Magic Sam
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    Release Serious Sam The Second Encounter (Full & Demo)

    It's now working like a charm on my Pyra, thank you very much @ptitSeb :) Cheers, Magic Sam