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    Where are we now?

    HAHAHAHA! Laughing so hard right now! Edit: Oh, and welcome to the boards we really love a sense of humor here.
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    Covid-19 (Coronavirus) - Please stay safe, y'all

    It's funny because it's true
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    Are you interested in a new Pandora LCD cable?

    Yes Please! I miss my Panda so much!
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    Release PSNES

    My screeeen is too purple.
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    Tips for saving up money?

    $400 a month in groceries is exorbitant? Cure some depression with learning the joys of cooking. I say, Spend More on groceries than eating out. The food you eat is your life. As motivation, maybe think of that sweet spot where you're not only creating mental stimulation, superior taste, and...
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    Suggestion for Linux text editor.

    Huh, I looked at this thread thinking something like "letter to the Editor," or suggestions to mods maybe... Anywho, I like vim and nano for my editors for what its worth
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    Hacker Archetypes by Eric S. Raymond

    Tinker and JOAT with a side of Prankster.
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    Also outlasted the thread. Going on eleven years. Dating for seven years before that.
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    No more Unity for Ubuntu

    IceWM on SUSE 6.1 was my first. Still has a place in my heart.
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    What are you playing this weekend/these days?

    Chrono Trigger DS. First time playing through and really enjoying the story and atmosphere so far. I feel like the difficulty really ramped up on me about 33 hours in. Young me would have put the game down where I am at and moved on to another game never to return again. Old me is going to...
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    Thimbleweed Park

    Lol, guess I just needed some rest. Total facepalm solution to the moment I was stuck at!
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    Thimbleweed Park

    I hope it's both modes in this game, easy and hard, that don't have fatal trip-ups. I'm hoping I'm just missing a solution right now. There-in lies the problem. I decided enclosing in a spoiler because I mention a character that you don't start with. Maybe just use the checks in the character...
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    Thimbleweed Park

    Ok, so maybe none of you playing so far have gotten stuck (hard mode) but I thought it would be nice to see where people first get stuck in this game in this thread. We could make a game of pm hints.