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    I got it from the $5 Itch bundle and unlike some other games in there it's utter garbage.
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    I had a leather holster made

    It is? I didn't get any eMail and should be among the first 200 pre-orderers.
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    World News Thread (Politics,whatever)

    Between Trump and Biden I'd clearly vote for the giant Hurricane.
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    What is your Reason you want this Thing?

    Call me naive, but I expected it within the previous decade.
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    What is your Reason you want this Thing?

    The reason is that I paid for it a very long time ago.
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    free PC games (steam)

    It actually is the Doom engine, it says so right on top of the description.
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    What are you playing this weekend/these days? Und für Teil 2:
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    What are you playing this weekend/these days?

    Mind you that GOG still misses the original (as in the German) version and only has the English translation to this day... There's a patch to get it back to the original audio, but that just shouldn't be necessary, especially regarding the fact, that Germans have to pay more due to regional...
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    World News Thread (Politics,whatever)

    Ah, I tend to forget that "World Politics" usually means "American Politics". Imho the impact of American politics on a global scale as rather overestimated these days. China's decisions seem to have more impact by now.
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    World News Thread (Politics,whatever)

    Which one do you mean? There are several presidents and ministers atm that fit this description.
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    Absurdism corner

    If you look at it closely you get paid for 8 hours but have to be on the job 24/7, which results in 8-10$ per hour and no chance to ever go home, it doesn't look like you get a free room for that either so in the end you'd make a negative wage after all expenses.
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    World News Thread (Politics,whatever)

    Michael Bay directed 2020.
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    World News Thread (Politics,whatever)

    There's the cause of 80% of modern problems.