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    Caanoo Vs Pandora The Winner Is Caanoo

    Hesitating between the 2, but only because of the main show-stopper REAL BIGGEST drawback of the Pandora : AVAILABILITY! If you want one reasonnably fast - say within a couple of weeks - well, there is just no way to get one! (unless you were on the\ 2 years long pre-order waiting/wish list) So...
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    Wiz Update

    Any news on the Wiz? It's been a good few weeks since the last post... on any forum. :unsure:
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    Joystick Broken, Unresponsive

    I had exactly the same issue. Sent it back to GBAX (lucky I bought it there) and they just replaced the cap of the joystick. I was very doubtful it would work, as I tried myself to unscrew it, renove it etc... But suprisingly, it works fine now... or at least much better! (I don't really like...
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    GP2X Hw Accelerated Sdl

    BTW... is there a SDL function that flips the screen WITHOUT waiting for the VBL? Can't find it in the docs. When your game runs at say 1.1 vbl, it is a shame to drop at 2 (30fps)... it was working great on the GP32, with you able to keep running in "almost a frame" (like 1.1 or 1.2) with still...
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    GP2X Larger Frame Buffer

    Indeed, for example I found the GP32 to be easily fast enough to redraw its full screen several time (in 8bpp) in one frame... Bolcataxian for instance was dual scrolling, starfield, loads of particles, fonts, plenty of sprites & their shadows, highlights etc... all pixel by pixel pokes on the...
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    Gp2x Doing Very Strange Things Indeed

    Mine always has some rubbish on screen for a frame or two before the first logo at power-up. Like if it displays the VRam content before initialising it... Also, it sometimes doesn't complete its boot sequence... (ie: stays on the second loading screen- the green 1.01 one, forever) Switch...
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    Yet Another Joystick Thread

    Brilliant! Will try right away... Maybe you should add your own bit to the Wiki? Sorry for the dev noise... this question should probably be part of the dev corner. Oh well, JBB
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    GP2X Using Sdl_mixer

    Hi guys, Any update on how best to use SDL_mixer? (wich version, wich params...) Mine keeps blackscreening immediately... I'm compiling on MacOSX, original version part of the pack or the version woogal posted right above. All I'm doing is playing a mod... and then a few WAV on top with the...
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    Yet Another Joystick Thread

    How do you actually detect those extra 8 directions? Right now I'm having those dead spots between the diags and verts/horizs... Argh! SDL it seems we have only 8 values to play with (according to the wiki)... Not sure how you can do logical ANDs as they are decimal values, not binary...
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    GP2X Gp2x Speed Benchmarking

    SDL is partially at fault I'm sure. But I'm all in 8 bit mode (screen and sprites), all sharing the same palette... pretty straightforward, and yes: exactly the same as the GP32. I now replaced all the SDL_blit functions with SDL_surface_locks, followed by direct surface byte by byte "poking"...
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    GP2X Gp2x Speed Benchmarking

    Hi all, I keep having speed "weirdness", trying to convert my various games from the GP32 (that were running fs0 at 133Mhz) to SDL onto GP2x. Basically with exactly the same C code (compiled with gcc4 -O2, on MacOSX), but with obviously gfx routines using SDL functions, I keep hitting...
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    GP2X Synchro Vbl

    Hi all, today I tried to replace the SDL blit functions by a manual pixel per pixel copy... And guess what: it went from 33ms down to 23ms per frame! Not quite as fast as the GP32 @ 133Mhz, but close... (still no music though) So it seems this first release of SDL is pretty slow indeed! JBB
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    Tv Out

    This cable... it has no audio links? nor s-video? Mmmm. JBB
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    GP2X Synchro Vbl

    I'm using the compiler setup on MacOSx (arm-linux-g++). I think it's all the latest stuff, ie: gcc4.0.2 In the makefile I use -O2, which I think it's pretty optimised? I'll try to prepare a little benchmark proggy that can be compiled on both system, to compare raw speed in integer...
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    GP2X Synchro Vbl

    Indeed... I was wondering about that too. What does it flip to? Also, we seem to have to use SW_SURFACE (software) according to the Wiki... When I try HW it bails right away. Seems like SDL is at fault really, it's slow and doesn't seem to be hardware accelerated in any way, for now. Shame...