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    Official Gba Whine Thread

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    Does this site look familar?

    New "Big Cock" Wind-Ups motherfucking soon by Evil_Cartman @ (06:14) 28 Oct 2003 A new version of Wind-Ups is going to be gangbanged at the muff sniffing gp32 cocksucking at Barcelona (31st Oct - 2nd Nov). This (hopefully) will mean a new MultiFW with the fucking new european firmware...
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    Bloody Rescue v0.6

    Could use some graphics as opposed to lines and needs the blinking wall thing fixed, but I played it on an emulator, so I'm not sure. Otherwise, it looks like a great idea. :D
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    Bubble Bobble - an offer... and a plea

    I do MOD music. I'm actually doing the MOD music for the community game project, but I don't think I'll be making anything for that for a while..I don't have any definite story, characters, or atmosphere to work off of and I don't think I will anytime soon. I can try making some Bubble Bobble...
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    Holy overreaction!

    Grand Poobah, it's not supposed to be an offensive, tasteless site. If you really read some of those "testimonials", it's a serious opinion disguised as a joke.
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    Great new emulation news! That had to be the worst joke post ever. The Black People Love Us site is goddamned old. <_<
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    Is THIS the final Layout of the PsP ?

    Eh, that last one's fake since it lacks the announced analog sticks. That first one isn't even worth thinking about. :lol:
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    Spain Launch is off / postponed

    I felt all this crap coming from a mile away.. Oh well, I pretty much brought it for the emulators and the homebrew scene, not the commercial games. Honestly, very few of the commercial games are even worth bothering with. The potential games that might have come out of the European and/or...
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    GP32 europe launch news...

    Really? Wow, some big game companies are actually going to develop for the GP32. Sounds great as long as the launch actually happens.
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    help me please!

    Seriously, if you have trouble telling whether your wrist is broken or not, it probably isn't broken. You might have sprained it.
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    You know, Mr. N-Gage Launch Party has a point. Perhaps it ISN'T that bad. It does have some pretty bad design flaws, though. I dunno, I still plan on trying it at some point to see how bad it really is. Maybe I'll like it, but I doubt it. Vertical screen, jesus, who -thought- of that. It's got...
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    help me please!

    Smash it against a wall a couple times. If it hurts REALLY, REALLY, REALLY bad, it's probably broken.
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    I find that purely and utterly hysterical. :lol:
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    Atari DivX Video Files for GP32

    Awesome. Old game commercials are hilarious.
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    b'ngo .. ?

    I think it looks great. Could be a nice little system.