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    GP2X F300 Boot problem

    You might still have the Cable or any idea where to get a datasheet to Create one? thanks for help
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    GP2X F300 Boot problem

    Hey There, i recently buyed a GP2X F300 (voca master). It worked very well for about 2 days but since this morning the Device freezes at the gp2x f300 logo screen. Normaly there would start a Loading screen which never starts. Reflash the firmware didnt worked as it freezes again at the Logo...
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    Search 4 Assura Cross: FC

    Hey there! Im looking since about 3 years for the game Assura Cross: FC, actually its a e3 Demo for the Caanoo. Sadly with no luck.. Does anybody here might still have the Files of the game? It would be Great if someone could Help me out. Thanks
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    I'm new here but im nuclear! ;-P

    I'm new here but im nuclear! ;-P
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    Video Convertion Guide

    Yep, but i hope and believe theres still GPH's Lovers like me out there :-D!
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    Video Convertion Guide

    In my oppinion its totaly tricky to convert Videos for the Caanoo... so i taked my Time to create a Profile that makes it easy Converting Videos for youre Caanoo.. i Decided to use Xmedia Recode as Super doesnt seem to be very trustfull.. I had somewhere a Profile for Super aswell.. if anyone is...
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    Max Sd Card Size

    I have a 64GB card working very well on my caanoo! Pretty cool.
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    Anyone still on here?

    I use my caanoo very often, im still trying to complete some missing Games.. Im programming for it from Time to Time and try to make my caanoo looks like a commercial product :-). I cant tell how many days i spended on my Caanoo :-P. But it looks totaly fantastic :-D
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    Asura Cross On Cannoo [Download] (Needs A Fix)

    Im looking for the e3 files and came across this thread, does any one have to sale an E3 SD-Card with the content? Would be happy about it. best regards