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    - Except when the display ribbon cable breaks out of the blue. - Or when the lid closing magnet doesn't always fire the switch
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    Passed the certification!

    Yes, but we're soooo darned excited about the finishing line being in sight!
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    SmartReflex on Pyra (and Pandora?)

    So what's wrong with the existing kernel driver?
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    Release Firefox 38.0.1

    Good to know it's still useful to do these occasional updates. I'm not finding it worthwhile to do every version though. Someone can always PM me if a worthwhile feature arrives.
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    Release Firefox 38.0.1

    In repo... Anyone in here? Hello.... *Sound of pin dropping*
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    [Cancelled] Aluminium cases are NOT being made!

    Except on this occasion the money is with ED, and isn't being spent up front on getting the cases done.
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    USB stick not accessible

    I've found testdisk to be great at restoring the FAT partition on the microSD card from my phone when it gets chewed up.
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    Release Firefox 34.0.5 now in repo

    I suppose it had to happen :)
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    I think EvilDragon is going to need some vacation time

    Congratulations to you both.
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    Release Firefox 31.0 in repo

    It's the asm interface to NEON code that's not compiling. Dunno what it's been targeted at.
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    Release Firefox 31.0 in repo

    I would have thought so, but gcc refused to compile it. Don't know why, maybe when I have some time I'll look deeper in to it.
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    Release Firefox 31.0 in repo

    So far, it looks better than 29 in my (very limited testing) Still no audio though. Weird. Also, no NEON in libyuv, as it's for a different arm core than we've got (Boo, hiss Mozilla)
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    Aluminium Case being made!

    Niiiiice - just joined the list. Gives me an excuse to buy a new LCD at the same time :)
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    new feature for comix (with patch)

    Now in comix.pnd