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    Amiga Joystick Usb Adapter

    Hallo, ja, alte Theads wiederbeleben soll man eigentlich nicht, aber: Vor kurzem war ich auch auf der Suche nach einem Amiga Joystick USB Adapter der möglichst aus Deutschland versendet wird. Als ich hier danach fragen wollte, bin auf diesen Thread gestoßen. Ich habe dann daraufhin den Retro...
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    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    For me it's just a 3 to 3 1/2 hours drive, so I might actually do that some day (but probably not until things cooled down on the pandemic and pyraprodactic side). :)
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    General issues regarding F2FS rootfs partition

    That allows you to mount the SD card on a Windows machine and edit the bootscript. Makes the device more accessible to people who do not have a Linux running on their Laptop/PC, but still want to mess around with it.
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    My first impressions of the Pyra

    Probably for the same reason so many games only support x360 gamepads instead of serious input devices like wheels, or joystick+throttle+rudder setups.
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    Accelerometer and magnetometer (Bosch BNO055)

    I once tried to use the compass in my tablet and it also did not work very well. But it made a huge different if you are indoors or outdoors. Also there is some kind of calibration which can be done by turning the device around all axis. Is this also true for the chip in the Pyra?
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    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    Calm down! Lockdown does not mean that you cannot go to work. Trust me: I live in Germany, we have lockdown and I have been working the whole time. Employers are stronly encouraged to allow their employees to work from home and a lot of non-vital stores and places are closed, but that's it.
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    Lets start making the helper gadgets

    What desktop does the Pyra ship with? I assume GNOME? Can Cinnamon widgets be integrated nicely in GNOME? (I settled with KDE at some point)
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    Lets start making the helper gadgets

    I am aware that a sleep timer is a one-liner in the terminal. Everything can be done on the terminal. But unlike on my PC or notebook I do not have a terminal open on my Pandora. And not everything which is possible is also convenient. It is fully expected that you have to use the terminal on...
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    Lets start making the helper gadgets

    A sleep timer would be nice. I often use my Pandora as mp3 player when going to bed and so I want it to poweroff after an hour or so. Someone posted a .PND (it is not ithe one from the Repo) which opens a dialog where you can set the desired time in minutes. It then minimizes to the task bar and...
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    Just a quick heads up

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    Just a quick heads up

    What always baffles me is when I visit historical sites in Scandinavia: imagine you stand on some small hillside, and as far as the eye can see there are trees and fields. And then there is this sign explaining that in the Bronce Age this used to be a shore-line, and the climate was like in the...
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    Just a quick heads up

    So it's "them their wifes" (followed by "Yeehaw!") ?
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    Do You Use A Gnu/linux Distro On Your Main Computer?

    I usually have dualboot Fedora and Windows. I still prefer Windows for gaming, but Fedora for everything else. Upgrading Fedora has not been a problem in recent years. I went from 28 to 32 without any major issues. I also prefer the "break everything at once" strategy, because then I can start...
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    Just a quick heads up

    It's not rocket science, it's quantum physics.
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    It reminds me of the Pandora!

    Regarding the perfect keyboard (and to continue the tradition to derail every news-thread whenever possible and as much as possible): I was crazy enough to buy a HHKB Professional Hybrid and I did not regret it. I think the differences are subtle at first, but if you do a lot of coding and/or...