Art, Classical Music, Biology, Fantasy/Sci-Fi (books, art, movies, games), Crosscountry skiing, adventuring to foreign parts, and of course, handheld gaming machines. ;)
Toronto, Canada




The Pandorawiki has lists of emulators, games and other software for the Pandora which I help maintain.
My Newgrounds account (my art, music, and my first film are there)
My blog about Russian animation
My DeviantArt account
Curious about "accepted" science that doesn't seem to make sense? Click here!
EvilDragon said:
Yeah, I know; killing is not nice but, well, it works. - from v=TfE2vSk3Hbc on Youtube
Asmo said:
the word GO has to be received by Fatih, examined for alignment and font suitability, forwarded to MWeston via carrier pigeon for soak testing, then routed back to Craig via Solar powered Zeppelin, before it can be converted into soundwaves in an appropriate accent over the telephone directly to the factory. You can see from Craig's prototype above, that 'go' is all lower case, and this is therefore only 'Rev.1'.



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