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    Gpsp 0.9-2xa

    ok, this is getting off topic. sry for that, but I need to say this. A big sorry to craig. I thought you read them in here and mentioned them because not that much people realized the previous post and you forgot to mention where they were from. godathell got them from his topic regarding the...
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    Gpsp 0.9-2xa

    slaanesh perhaps you have shitty RAM. Disable the RAM Optimizing and try again. I get 266MHz with RAM optimizing and 305 without. (/me is still mad that Craig never mentioned where he got "his" RAM settings from!! From my Post)
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    There are values in GP32 Binaries like the FW Menu you can find with a hex Editor to see its frequency. You can edit them to speedup a app (or just to find out its speed). This is what Horscht and me did as a service for GP32 Users a while ago.
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    Dosbox 0.70.1 Released

    Yeeeah, Settlers II finally starts up. (And dies immediately when switching from CMD to game) Luckily this Version allows 8 MB RAM.
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    [gba] New Beta Of Gpsp2x! Very Fast & Better Sound!

    Advance Wars 2|Round based Strategy: runs fine, 60 fps Advance Wars|Round based Strategy: Stutery Sound, 40 fps Banjo Kazooie: Grunties Revenge|Adventure: Emu locks up after Copyright notice Banjo Pilot|Racing: Black Screen Boktai 2|RPG: Stutery Sound, 28-30 fps Bomberman Max2 Red|Bomberman...
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    Cpu/lcd-tweaker Ram Values Try my values. I made them for the not that good MK1 RAM. They are quite stable for every RAM. Some could do more, I think, but it should be good this way for every RAM ever soldered into a GP2X (even the worst (mine))
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    ZodTTD is playing around with a dynamic recompiler for DosBox. This might help to speedup
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    Usb Host Cable + Video = ?

    Some time ago I bought a external Powered USB Hub from him. Nice work, I still use it. Its worth the money
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    Wifi/wlan Connection Works Very Well

    yes. I ordered a credit card to buy some nice 3,7V LiIon Cells from America. I will mod the GP2X to use them instead of the NiMH Rechargeables. This will help around the incresed power need and should help me to power the Wifi directly from the GP2X. If my calculation is right, the GP2X will run...
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    Changes To Gpx2?

    I have no filckering, just scanlines. I'll soon get a DPAD mod and add a 6100 mAh LiIon rechargeable, which will give me 11 hours of playing time, then every little problem I had will be gone. :-)
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    Check the search feature. I made a nice Post with manual some months ago, how to set up WIFI on GP2X.
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    GP2X Gba Emu And Static Translation

    "For this reason I decided not dedicate all my time to IBA as I had been doing previously." As long as you do not stop working on it :-)
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    I Got Gpsp (gba) Running With Sound!

    Now I got time to read the new post in here. ZodTTD: When I said I'll donate money to you and Exopause, it was not meant the "Hey I am the Best, I donate my Money!" style. More in the "If a poor Student can do this, why not you?" Style :-P Just to lessen the misunderstandings. ;-)
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    I Got Gpsp (gba) Running With Sound!

    I use the same BIOS. I did not find the other one anywhere. As soon as I can leave the university, I will test my 200 ROMs.
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    Overclocking, Ram Hack, Ect.

    I do not exactly know what you mean with RAM Hack, but if you mean the MMU Hack, so cool down. You dont need to do anything. The app is doing the Work or ya. If the new Timings are meant... Some apps use them already, some need "help". I recommend the new timings EVERYWHERE (I tested them ~3...