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    Broken computer recovery

    Afaik even windows isnt dumb enough to touch partitions during updates so there is a chance that this isnt even its fault. You should check your ssd health (with gsmartcontrol) to see if something fishy is going on. And if there is, copy the disk instantly. Try to install grub first before...
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    Release Die rosa Robbe im Mettallland

    So i got this idea: Some kind of flappy bird/robot metal unicorn crossbreed. The tracks are hand edited and are supposed to match the music. Its hard, unforgiving and the obstacle is my middle finger. Soo much win. This...
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    Pyra Mods stop

    I lold so hard on the coffee sip animation. Hows that cup even stored? Why isnt it pouring out during the dodge roll?
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    Old school rambling

    I srsly think somethig is wrong in the recent firmware. USB charging used to work for me on and i never changed that charger. Here i have two broken pandoras, one has its buttons nt working, the otehr has no charging port. So i have to swap batteries all the time which just caused the batterie...
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    Absurdism corner

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    Shell scripts for day to day use...

    Why sha512 tho? md5 should be sufficient i would say.
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    RAM and power consumption?

    One scale starting at 35 the other at 90 tho, how annoying to compare. That graphic card spike tho... Ive done a few tests on the pandora back when i wrote that book reading tool, the graphic card power consume heavily changes depending on what programs are open, and i mean open, not running or...
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    RAM and power consumption?

    I still have the pre-preorder voucher for exactly that reason, i cannot decide which version i want.
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    Absurdism corner

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    Absurdism corner

    Need a cosplay? Why not
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    No Gamescom for Pyra this year

    If there would just be some place where we could digitaly met.....
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    Sogar die Pandora ist schneller als mein PC...

    Eigentlich sollte er den download fortsetzen und nicht neu anfangen. Bei mir is grad auch der wurm drin, hab meine oberfläche zerfickt, muss auch alles neu machen. Aber die neuen ubuntu versionen sind ja gruselig behindert.
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    Why are the keys on the keyboard not in columns?

    Its just a custom, deal with it.
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    First Batch Pandora stopepd charging

    Charging is software controlled. Flashing might be a valid solution. Mine actualy has the same problem but i am too busy to work on it atm.
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    Which topic should I read first?

    Obviously this is false. We also derail not serious threads.