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    Sogar die Pandora ist schneller als mein PC...

    Nerdporn? *wäscht sich augen mit Säure aus*
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    You didn't expect this, I guess.

    Its not a matter of IF but a matter of WHEN. Give it 100 apes forum members and a year of time and we can probably accomplish what a notaz does in a week.
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    You didn't expect this, I guess.

    The hatch chance is rather high, around 60% i think. Wanted to try this myself for a long time now. Ppls stocking behaviour is pretty nuts, they buy fresh milk instead powder for example. Let alone toilet paper, flour and such... Why not frozen pizza?
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    You didn't expect this, I guess.

    Agreed. We all learned a lot so far. From how prices for devices are formed to tantalum caps to if black is a colour.
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    You didn't expect this, I guess.

    I want pink.
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    You didn't expect this, I guess.

    Its probably about the sim/wifi serial numbers too. @ED what is the law about this? Do you need to keep track of the IMEI and MAC?
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    Hat’s and other weird headwear

    Just what are you hiding?
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    My grandma used to give her dog a banana daily. Said its importand for his health. She did sports with him, scored 4th place in national defense and tracking championchip (basically police training) [/swank]. So there is probably knowledge and experience behind this statement.
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    The Communication Cube

    Just use rust paint and no one will care to get it. I never lock my bike anywhere. I also imagine that my bike stands that out from the mass that a thief would be too afraid to grab it. Mofalenker, fuck yea.
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    Pyra news partially stale from the dragon's mouth

    Come with a caravan instead. For a release party at his home. Ill be in.
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    Game Idea - Throw Your Ideas In

    Its Grandia Xtreme for a reason.
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    Game Idea - Throw Your Ideas In

    Killing chars, loosing all progress, i like that. But unless you manage to gather a couple of hundred players an online version would suck. The only way to drive around that is to make a battle system that does not require the players to be online at the same time. Speaking of frustration...
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    What Do You See?

    Well i cant draw either. I think its all a matter of training tho, force your brain to do it long enough and youll eventually learn to see pictures in your head without that much effort/concentration. In my everyday routine i have no need for picturing something so this ability is lost. I also...
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    What Do You See?

    5 Unable to imagine pictures at all.
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    Shell scripts for day to day use...

    </dev/tty7 is used to escape the console only limitiation so it can run on X. Nifty trick to know for every commands, eg you can actually type commands in tt1 without actually switching to there for example. Sedleds only touches the led, capslock should not be triggered at all. Does anyone...