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    Cave Story

    How on earth does anyone finish this game? The final marathon of bosses is ridiculous. It's been a while since I attempted but I'm pretty sure they didn't have the courtesy of refilling your health meter... The final of the final bosses is a mess! Impossible! Do you have any tips or hints...
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    [Dpad] Gp2X F100 this guy went all out on his GP2x so he would likely know.
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    Still Playing My Gp2X

    X-Men for the megadrive has to be the quickest insert-to-play game I've ever seen. Pop the cartridge in, hit the power button and... WTF? No start menu? No Sega logo? I didn't even get to choose my character?!!! That's right! Well, the these...
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    Thinking Of Buying A New Joystick For Gp2X

    It looks like an exact replacement part to me because it even has a push in button.
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    The Gp2X Hack 2X Model Is Complete!

    Did you just read my mind? If I tried modding mine, it would be made of plastic cut with a kitchen knife and held together by tape!
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    GP2X 'sdl_Sys_Joystickgp2Xsys' Was Not Declared In This Scope

    I used this tutorial: bingo on the missing ;! [EDIT] I solved my problem by getting an updated version of the lib and include folder from the open2x website. I also edited the wiki. Thanks so much for everyone's help, everything works perfectly...
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    GP2X 'sdl_Sys_Joystickgp2Xsys' Was Not Declared In This Scope

    /* * Non-standard SDL header. * * This header gives access to a few extra features of the GP2X hardware * that I added to the video driver. */ #ifndef SDL_GP2X__H #define SDL_GP2X__H #ifdef __cplusplus extern "C" { #endif void SDL_GP2X_SetMonoColours(int background, int foreground); int...
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    GP2X 'sdl_Sys_Joystickgp2Xsys' Was Not Declared In This Scope

    C:\Codeblocks\Projects\NewTest\sdltest.cpp||In function 'void TestNewJoystick()':| C:\Codeblocks\Projects\NewTest\sdltest.cpp|536|error: 'BACK_LIGHT_OFF' was not declared in this scope| C:\Codeblocks\Projects\NewTest\sdltest.cpp|536|error: 'SDL_SYS_JoystickGp2xSys' was not declared in this...
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    A> Is it possible to dual-boot? B> Does it come with the built in games like GPH firmware V4?
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    Still Playing My Gp2X

    I just bought a GP2x and I was hoping to make some games for the little thing. I kept debating whether to buy it or not based on the fact that the user base may not be what it used to. I'm glad to hear that you still play it and that you'll be handing it off soon.
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    Albion, Warcraft, X-com 1,2 Updates

    Is static recompilation a parsing of the original binary and creation of a new binary with the corresponding assembly code and interrupts?
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    How Far Can I Push The 3.3V?

    It would have to have a pretty good power rating (depending on the amount of voltage you are dropping). Page 4 has the circuit I used. It is paired with a 5V power supply, and my R2 is a fixed resistor. R1 is 220 ohms resistor and R2 is a 390 ohm...
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    Thanks Alot For The Lousy "upgrade"!

    As a new user I can say that it's not that bad. I do like the colour template and the overall design. I have noticed that the main-page links do no take you to the topic, but rather to the forum index. I also have not been logged out since the day I logged in so I can't say I've experienced...
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    Large Sprites

    That is a big sprite, who is it? Dog the Bounty Hunter? That sprite will be good help, but I am looking for someone with slightly more of a suave composure. I stumbled across this in my search about a week ago: Kenpachi His walk is brilliant, but his size is still too small. Ikki Tousen...
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    Large Sprites

    Does anyone know large sprites from a beat-em-up? In most one-on-one fighters, they take fighting poses. I'm looking for a walking sprite that's rather large. Any games from SNES all the way up to the now-gen consoles. Thanks!