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    Moving along

    4G8 Pyras are working at last...
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    Will Pyra get benefits from zram?

    There might be a benefit for single-threaded stuff, where the second core otherwise idles, but I don't know whether or not it would be worth the extra thermal load then.
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    An update of the waiting game

    The eMMC is on the CPU board IIRC, so if a SoC with UFS was picked for an upgrade then UFS could be used without a problem. It would probably have to be used in fact to keep enough MMC/SD ports free on the SoC for the sockets without resorting to a switch.
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    NeoGeo Mini

    Sounds like it's another Ingenic SoC then (like the Neo Geo X IIRC)
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    An update of the waiting game

    8 weeks - I wonder what this is? Sounds to me like GC are in on the joke now...
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    FPGA CPU Board

    The Zynq UltraScale+ could be fun - it has a quad core Cortex-A53, Mali400 graphics acceleration on some models, loads of logic elements and good Linux support and single quantity availability - but it's also not cheap, and power consumption could be an issue.
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    Getting closer...

    You can go a lot further, if you look at the OpenAMP project and the `remoteproc` Linux kernel driver. That way it's possible to have two different operating systems - or both OS and baremetal code - running on multiple cores of a SoC. In my case I used this to have one core of a dual core...
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    Let's move the moulds!

    The reason the length difference matters so much in the case of trace length matching is not so much to do with the frequency or wavelength but because of the requirement specified in the interface for the data to arrive within +/- x picoseconds (IIRC 25ps for the data bus) of the strobe or...
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    The tale of the cases

    Yes, I don't know if this is still current but ED suggested adding a small fan might be possible in the future if needed.
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    Analyzing 4GB RAM

    Yes, in theory the main board would still work and the connectors would be the same - just the plug in CPU board would need to be redesigned. It is 6mm bigger (23*23 compared to 17*17mm) so indeed there is would be potential mechanical issues. This is because it uses a larger pin pitch...
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    Analyzing 4GB RAM

    OTOH if you wanted a common software platform at the expense of not going for something more powerful, there is the similar AM5728 which is AFAICS an OMAP5 with better DSP and a few extra features, but should be software compatible and have a longer lifespan. Unfortunately it's not pin...
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    full OMAP5 documentation

    Let's hope I'm not breaking ITAR rules, or when North Korea start using OMAP5s on their nukes it will all be my fault.... On a more serious note there's quite a bit of interest to anyone like me interested in low level hacking of their Pyra. It does seem there's quite a bit to play with, as...
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    (sold) 1GHz Pandora Bundle

    Hey @Inimuk just wondering if you saw my PM?
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    full OMAP5 documentation

    Not sure whether I'm breaking any rules by posting such an old thread... TI pulled most of their OMAP5 stuff, fortunately they are still hosting the TRM - grab it while you can! The previous links don't work, but try these - as before a TI account is needed for export control purposes, but no...
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    The tale of the cases

    If the OMAP5 supports each channel having a different size, you could even create a 3GB Pyra - 2x1GB on one channel and 2x512MB on the other...