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    Image Viewer

    The image size is 1024x768 but I don't know the file size
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    Gp32 144mhz Any Good?

    I've got a blu+ and i don't need to overclock more than 144mhz in drmd all of the other emus work fine at 133mhz. Although if he wants to play dune on drmd then you may what to get a gp32 that can overclock to 156mhz+. Because dune runs at about 6-12fps at 144mhz.
  3. D Down?

  4. D Down?

    The pay to download games are under games at the top but free software is at
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    Saving In Scumm?

    I think you hold the R button and use up/down to cycle through the letters. Check the instructions if that doesn't work.
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    Going Travelling

    Wind-ups can delete/move/copy files and it comes in a fxe file.
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    Does Anyone Know Where To Get Those £10 128mb Smcs

    I was only checking through quickly so I didn't see it. It's the card I have aswell. :D
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    Trojan Lurking At

    I just did a scan with both ad-aware and spybot but still get the trojan so I don't think its spyware.
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    Trojan Lurking At

    I got the trojan as well using avast antivirus but I only got it on the korean site :huh:
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    Does Anyone Know Where To Get Those £10 128mb Smcs

    You can get them here but they're £13.06 inc VAT and P&P
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    Going Spain.

    Have a go at GPfinalwar and SmashGP there both great games. [edit] you might want to add some extra charaters to SmashGP which you can get here here
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    yeah big rpg projects like this do need a PC editor and no rpg is complete without sound. If we did get the source a mod player could be added to it to give us sound although I don't know weather this would be possible because I don't code.
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    There Will Be 2 Consoles Xgp And Gpx2

    I think he means a d-stick. I also think the res isn't right it should be 320x240 or 640x480.
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    The version out now is good enough to make a rpg just there's no sound. If we could get the source maybe someone would be willing to continue it. There's some tilesets and sprites here and the tutorial's here
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    Maybe you could start it back up again using gigas. Have 7 people each make an island then put them altogether to form the game. Then anyone could have a go because there's no coding involved. (edit) there'd need to be more than 7 people maybe 10 for the boss battles. Also is there a pc map...