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    Is There Any Gba Emu In The Works?

    The last time I visited this boards was on: Jun 30 2005, 03:06 PM Back then the question that was at the top of the boards was: Is there a gba emu for gp32?! Now I'm back. And it's still the same. More then one year later. I don't know, but I find it really funny! I fell sorry for you guys...
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    Site Help!

    same opinion here about flash Your site looks VERY nice!
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    You named most of the good anime (if not the best). But because my favorit anime is missing I just say: Jin Roh - the wolf brigade
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    Search Engine Submissions

    I think icluding this to your site is a good start. <META name="description" content="this site is about....."> <META name="keywords" content="pc,mac,gp32,gba,stuff,morestuff"> But I don't think that this is SO helpful. This is a good question. I'm wondering about his too!
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    I Need People To Test My Game

    Thanks! I searched a bit, but I dind't found a free rpg maker for mac. They did all cost between 30 and 60 dollars. But i will have my eyes open and as soon as I find one, I will tell you. This Coldstone thing looks incredible, by the way! EDIT: Where (and when and why :) ) is your cheat...
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    I Need People To Test My Game

    And, did it work? ;)
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    lol! Maybe a PC/gamecube/"place any system her" game? Or you give 70 too and buy yourself a ds!! :D Or you buy some spare wheels for your skates.
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    How Safe Is Lik-sang?????? Please Help

    Sounds smart. I hope that they accept paypal payment. I want a ds too! But i will wait till it is available here in europe. (I hope i don't take so long for the european realease of the ds like it did for the gp32 ;) )
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    I Need People To Test My Game

    Thanks a lot!!! It's nice to hear that someone likes your stuff when you spent so much time working on it. Yes, it is really an early stage, but i try to develop FAST! ;) And it's good to hear, that it is working on your system. yes. i like this very much too! Yes you are right with...
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    Passed My Driving Test

    Congratulations! Now it's is important to drive alot. Otherwise you will FORGET EVERYTHING! Do you have your own car? Or so you have to share it with your parents or... I noticed that people who are getting a car after they passed the test are getting better faster then people who are only...
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    I Need People To Test My Game

    hmmm... Some people went to my site, but noone said something. (not here and not on my site) :( Is there something that I have to know why you don't answer? Didn't you like my site or my game? I don't mind if you think the game i shit, but i would like to know what you think about the site...
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    How Safe Is Lik-sang?????? Please Help

    I have to agrre. Lik sang is really god. I ordered my gp32 there and a gamecube controller. I'm not sure about this scan thing. If this is really a mail from lik sang normally it should be no problem, because it is a serious company. or what? Another problem i see is if this mail is not from...
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    I Need Your Ideas

    I had a oral presentation two weeks ago. I had 15 min and also a topic of my choice. I took the topic: "direct download - peer to peer network" a) direct download B) p2p e-donkey c) p2p overnet I think they understood it ;) Don't know if this is something for you.
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    I Need People To Test My Game

    Hi! I'm currently developing a tile enigine adventure for PC (dos). If you want to help me you can go to my site and dl the current demo and tell me on my board if it runs on your system. You can also tell me what you think so far about the demo. Or if you are able to do grafix and you have...
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    Are We Still A Friendly Community ?

    Then reuse the system that was used by old pc-games. When u log in for the first time ther is a question: The answer is somewhere in the faq! Got the point? ;) Ok. I think this is impossible. Just an idea. :rolleyes: