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    Manjaro vs Antergos; or just Arch Questions

    I've been running this Arch install since 2010. It's still going strong, though I wish I made a PKGBUILD for every custom modification I've made. Note that if you do not run "vanilla-Arch" you will probably not get any support from Arch community. Manjaro and such are bit sketchy, but if you are...
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    If you mean 51% attack, anybody can contribute to make it harder. The difference is that the network is in the hands of its users, versus selected third parties.
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    Expect PoW actually has very valuable usecase, and that is keeping the network trustless. The "energy usage" is also fraction compared of the resources needed to maintain current monetary system and its related technology.
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    Local forums?

    Dunno about that, internet forums are probably the reason I learned to write/read English in the first place. Communicating with people is the best way to learn a language, so using "Welcomes people with poor language skills" as reason is not good I think.
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    [Request] TIC 80

    @eyecreate Nice to see people use makepnd and dchrt. Please PR that clockspeed change, and push the recipe into, maybe in new "pnd" subfolder, as there currently is no pnd recipes. I see the recipe builds lua and sdl2 as well, those could perhaps be split...
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    Cloudflare [frustration with Pyra website]
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    How I fixed Youtube for myself

    You can use mpv (with youtube-dl installed) instead of vlc. There's also mpv firefox plugin I guess. Some browsers also have feature that lets you run scripts on site with URL as argument so you don't have to use clipboard.
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    Help translating "quoted-printable" to emoji

    Yeah, and this is mostly widespread because of UTF16 environments. UTF16 is considered a broken encoding and should not be used anywhere anymore. There's even a site aimed for windows developers to shed light on the UTF16 (and other encodings) issues
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    Help translating "quoted-printable" to emoji

    It's UTF16 surrogate pairs, that got encoded into UTF8, thus being 6 bytes long in total. It's exactly what CESU-8 describes. Here is output from ftfy for example: utf8: └╼ ] printf '\xED\xA0\xBD\xED\xB8\x82' | ftfy -e utf8 ftfy error: This input couldn't be decoded as 'utf8'. We got the...
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    Help translating "quoted-printable" to emoji

    That's not valid UTF8, but UTF16 encoded as UTF8. Ironically since this mistake is so widespread, there's derivative standard where this is valid
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    Analyzing 4GB RAM

    Mali actually has open source driver, which makes rk3288 quite appealing. However there has been threads past where this SoC has been discussed even by ED, and there are concerns. Vivante also has reversed drivers which is in much better stage than SGX reversing, but yeah. Neverthless, this...
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    Analyzing 4GB RAM

    "New" is probably pushing it. The affordable socs still use several years old tech, and are not _that_ big update from OMAP5 For example Rockchip would have rk3288 w/ mali GPU which seems like decent choice. (Used in GPD XD) There's also iMX8 series w/ vivante GPU (based on ARMv8-A) but it's...
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    Analyzing 4GB RAM

    The latest and greatest SoC doesn't interest me as much. Sure it's always plus, but the main attraction to me is the form factor, connections and usability Pyra provides, as well as the care ED has taken to craft quality end product, instead of shipping it already in probably dissapointing...
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    Pyra DBP repository (dev talk)

    css nowadays has "display: flex;" for responsive grid layouts if that's what you are after.
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    Release SuperZaxxon v1.76

    Yeah, sort of few days ago in IRC we realized that opkg is not really good at keeping track of files.