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    God Damn!! What The Heck Is Going On Here??

    Since when did the Other Consoles section become the Codeninja section??? Holy crap no wonder I don't hang out here anymore.... one guy outposting everyone else combined and every single thread seems to be a veiled attempt to bash Sony or MS or show how great Nintendo is. Seriously... should...
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    I got a PC Engine flash cart from Tototek and it works perfectly. Ugly though, doesnt' come in any kind of case, just an open PCB with the chips and everything exposed <_< I've been thinking of getting the SNES ones as well..
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    Nintendo Ds Screen Protectors

    yep, definatley the best protectors on the market. I love them. My only problem with them was that my first one, after a few months, somehow a piece of dust fount it's way between the protector and the screen, a rather LARGE piece of dust and it was very annoying. I'm very picky about that sort...
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    Real Animal Crossing Thread

    okay when I mean teach them to say cuss words, I mean teach them to say cuss words! I dunno if any of you had noticed this, but in the GC version at least, that garbly speech that all your neighbors talk in... they are actually speaking the words outloud. You can't always tell, but some words...
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    Xbox 360 Who Likes It ?

    huh.... really surprised some of you seem to dislike Perfect Dark so much... I'm generally regarded by a couple of my gamer friends (and my own wife) as being way too picky when it comes to movies and video games and I'm loving Perfect Dark quite a bit. Graphically it's a small step above top...
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    Which Type Of Fps Do You Like

    I love them both. They are definately very different... Prime captures, very well, the essense of the great 2D Metroid games before it, with emphasis as much on exploration as on shooting. It was the best game I had played all that year (and I played pretty much all of the best one released for...
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    Xbox 360 Who Likes It ?

    I'm waiting on picking up a 2x, sorry. So far I don't see anything fantastic for it, nothing better than the GP32 already has. Yeah Neo Geo or whatever but it doesn't sound like it runs all that great. Anyways, as far as SNES and Neo Geo go (the main two that I want that aren't already covered...
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    I Got Game Boy Micro

    far as I can tell you still can't even buy seperate face plates, none of the game stores around here have them. Also, total suckness was the fact that the two extra faceplates mine came with were already in pretty shoddy condition when new in the box... scratches and bubble pockmarks and finger...
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    Xbox 360 Who Likes It ?

    No, THIS is an awful lot of hardware!! and I've got more that aren't even in that picture! I had been telling myself all year that I wouldn't buy all three this time... and of the three, I pegged the 360 as the one I wanted the LEAST, and was going to skip it. But when it came out and that...
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    I Got Game Boy Micro

    hey don't feel bad I too just got a gameboy micro. Seems extra pointless for me to get one, I already have two regular GBA's, two GBA SP's, and two DS's (well, between me and my wife). But the micro looked pretty sweet to me... I kept saying how it'd be nice to have one, and lo and behold, what...
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    Which Is More "h@rdc0r3"

    that's exactly what *I* said... posts like this just always end up starting fights. Which is why they tend to make me lose my patience when I see them. Anyone whos' been here a long time knows me (by reputation, anyways) and knows I am not a) a troll or B) a person given to flaming people, or c)...
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    Post Your Handheld Collections!!

    not just my handhelds, sorry, but I already had this pic handy so here it is :D Since then I've also added: a second PSP, a GBA Micro, a Japanese Turbo Duo R, and an Xbox 360. Need to take another pic :D
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    Xbox 360 Who Likes It ?

    I'm just gonna do like I always do and buy all three... I wish I didn't have to, but there always comes along at least two or three really good exclusives (usually many more) for every damn system and I don't want to miss any of them.
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    Which Is More "h@rdc0r3"

    and once again, I have to agree with Iorgy77 :D
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    Which Is More "h@rdc0r3"

    tell me this, what exactly is YOUR definition of hardcore??? To me, the PSP seems way more 'hardcore', maybe my definition differs from yours? The DS is more an 'everymans game system', meaning, it's much more casual, pick up and play. Your wife can play it, your mom can play it, your 8 year...