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    openhandhelds file archive flooded with spam

    openhandhelds file archive flooded with spam in the comment sections. Maybe disable comments if it isn't worth maintaining it? Checked a few and they all had spam in the comment section (e.g.:,0,0,0,27,2934)
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    WTB: Open Pandora [EU/UK]

    Hi, Now Pyra's are being shipped maybe someone is interested in selling their unused Pandora. Not looking at other sites, rather buy one from someone from this community. I don't think shipping outside EU/UK is worth it, from the Netherlands myself - any model is fine. Condition doesn't have...
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    Release [WIP] Master Control - Testers needed

    Hi - because I have a keyboard and touchscreen issue with my GPD Pocket 1 I thought about using this software for input. I basically only use the GPD as mediaplayer so the pandora is only needed as a bluetooth remote control. I can pair my Pandora with the standard bluetooth utility but it...
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    Port Requests Seems to be a very good e-reader with some very nice features (tts - annotations - dictionaries). Main dependencies: gjs >= 1.52 webkit2gtk (gir1.2-webkit2-4.0 for Debian based distros) meson >= 0.40 (required for building) gettext...
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    Looking to buy.... something

    I do concider the enTourage eDGe an electronic oddity that is still pretty useful. Not planning to sell mine, but currently for sale on ebay and very cheap...
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    Update Retroarch 1.7.3

    You might give Slackware a try. Slackbuilds for Arm currently support RetroArch 1.7.7 Linux-SWAT is still around in case you run into difficulties or maybe even can assist to install the latest version.
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    First Batch Pandora stopepd charging

    One of my Pandora's needs to be connected to power (DC) and USB or it will not charge. Probably a hardware issue, but been doing it for a couple of years and still works fine.
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    Welcome to the updated site!

    My initial impression was that forum view is more busy but I am already getting used to it. So looks fine, and the best thing I've noticed is that it is very responsive (Firefox, Ubuntu). Played around with some other themes but think will keep using default.
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    Absurdism corner

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    Issue to update a PND to the repo

    Not working for me as well.
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    [Netherlands] Can you see flower fields in July?

    You should have to visit before end of may for the flower fields, June is already too late. There are spots where you can then take a picture with huge fields with Dutch windmills on the background. Come back next year ;) Not the same, but if you just like to see some nice flowers and plants...
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    Just finalized it on my GP2X F200 :) 83 levels (works fine on Ginge btw). Game does crash sometimes so saving in between is a must. Fun and relaxing game. For anyone who never played it and wants to give it a try:,0,0,0,25,1997
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    Absurdism corner

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    I need a new device. What is the best choice?

    What I really like are some of the homemade Rasberry Pi handhelds. Unfortunately most of them lack the quality needed. Case is usually not very well executed, gamepad / buttons are also a problem and battery life is lacking. That said, there is a ton of rpi information out there and this could...