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since 2021-01-05: this is a recreation of the last avatar but with a slight mix of my color scheme. I liked the design concept, so this is my take on a sort of cleaner version of it.


2017-07-19 to 2021-01-05: this is the bottom side of my second-hand Intel C2D E8600 processor. It has a marking on one pad and looks like as if there was flowing a lot of current through the pad. It is hard to see in this picture though. However, the processor still works and does its job well since I got it. In the end of 2018 it got replaced by a C2Q Q9650 as a slight upgrade. Since around the end of 2019 I stopped using the 775 platform as a daily driver but keep it around in case I want to do some benchmarks or tests of my own software on physical low end hardware.


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