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    What dit you use your Pandora/Pyra today/the last few days

    DosBox, Pinta and sonsequently, trying various swapfile sizes. All still working fine after 8.5 years.
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    Absurdism corner

    I love "Mummy´s Breaking Point" and "the orange" even made sense ;) How about this?:D EDIT LOVE the yellow Beetle! :D : EDIT Hahaha help me :rofl: :
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    Release DosBox EX - Ultimate

    Hello and thank you :) I´ve always loved playing Blakestone and my other "old" DOS games via your pnd.
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    Absurdism corner

    ^^ One Ladybird book is better than the other :lol:
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    My first impressions of the Pyra

    @matzesu, nice video, happy for you (and for the other lucky owners) you got it finally :) Had to tilt my head to the side a bit but I liked your style a lot: straight to the point and no flashy ado, popups, inserts,o "follow me on instatwitter" etc. Just a real-time video and first-person view...
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    My first impressions of the Pyra

    Beautiful!!! Congratulations! And I envy you so much :)
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    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    Looking forward to your video, @matzesu :)
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    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    Indeed it was :) happy to see myself on your Pandy. On to 2021 competitions ! :)
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    Pandora boots into tty1 how to proceed?

    Have just been doing this again (NAND was full...), in fact I´m keeping in the Pandora carrying case just a 16 GB card just for reflashing, it was just the 3rd time since 2012.
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    Release Ghostbusters and the Secret on Monkey Island : The Fan Game

    Thanks a million, you guys [corona-safe hugging icon here] !
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    Release Zak McKracken the fan game

    Hi, very nice, seems to work fine with CC (with overclocking to reduce minor sound stuttering at the title screen). Been playing half an hour so far this evening. Thank you for porting :)
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    Release [GP2X] The Legend of Sword and Fairy

    Thank you ;) will look into it right when I get home :)
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    Release Emu EX Plus Alpha ported to the Pandora

    Thank you very much for these emulator ports :)
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    Release LBreakoutHD

    Doesn´t really matter to me as CC owner in this case, ptitSeb - Arkanoid is a common game anyway ;) thanks for your many efforts!