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    A case of polls!

    Sure, it's unique! :p
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    A case of polls!

    Same here. I even emailed ED with a copy of the PYRA receipt. But no reply. On the other hand I'm not really worried, as ED wrote there will be more models than needed. As almost all others answered the survey one of these is going to be mine (and another one is going to be Linux-SWAT's). A2000
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    Latest update: Keymats are here, how strong will the logo plate be - and pretty cases.

    Yeah, the painted case looks fantastic. Matte finished case with glowing keyboard is going to look awesome! Looking forward to mass production anytime soon.
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    Wrapping everything up!

    Oh come on. We knew that the cases could be the problem. Now that ED is dealing with it himself it might get a little be faster. But it's time consuming and time is the shortest resource in the project. ED was right to rely on his contact as it seemed to give the project more of this valuable...
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    WIP Report: No known hardware issues, 30 days of uptime

    Fantastic news. Time to look for accessories! Looks like SD cards are comparable cheap these days. What speed (IOPS) do I need? Sandisk Ultra, Extreme or ExtremePro?
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    Tests, tests, and more tests.

    For me it doesn't matter if my Pyra will ship with 2 or 4 GB. I've ordered the 4 GB. But if it's not stable I'll take what is available and pay the full 4 GB price. I am not the one to be responsible for ED's lack of restful sleep ;). If need be I am also in for a donation round to compensate...
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    Is there really a light at the end of the journey...?

    Are all this cases going to prototype preorders actually? I thought there were only a dozen or so. Or do you meant prototype and pre-preorders? Anyway: Awesome news! Keep going on with your fantastic work. A2000
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    Stop the sirring noise!

    That's why I happily wait for my Pyra even if it takes more time than I expected. ED deals with details that other companies don't even give a thought about. Best solution: Only sell Pyras to older customers, they won't hear the sirring noise anyway ;). All jesting aside: Congratulations you...
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    Analyzing 4GB RAM

    I really wish Pyra production will start soon. Not to get my pre-pre-order one but to start cash flowing into your pockets. You deserve it! Thank you for the news.
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    Open... and close... and open...

    I'm neither an expert nor have I tried this before, but is it possible to cover the pcb board with small particles like fine sand or something similar? Maybe some protection like a thin foil is necessary. The sound from the defective part should invoke patterns in the particles. I expect the...
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    ... we're still alive!

    Back to topic. While I most definitely don't need more than 16GB, I always feel comfortable with some more space as I tend to use a lot of partitions. Which automatically leads to unused space if one doesn't want to repartition. So 32GB is what I like to see in my Pyra. That said I too can see...
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    ... we're still alive!

    None of my SD-Cards got corrupted in about the last 10 (?) years, and I bought quite a lot whenever they became bigger. So I do own everything between 1 GB and 128 GB. I think there are three reasons for this: 1. There is only one brand I trust in: Sandisk. 2. I only buy from reliable sources...
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    I miss a case etc. ;-)

    Nothing at all for 365 out of 366 people I think. ;)  
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    I miss a case etc. ;-)

    Yes, that was really close! And you even got two shots. Lucky you! Again: Thank you for your offer. If anyone else with #172 wants to swap: I've got #129.    
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    Not everything is as fast as planned

    Whilst I respect and admire notaz's expertise in programming I am sure that the only important fact now was expressed by ED: If the Pyra isn't going to market now it never will! So we can all discuss whether or not some tearing is important for one's own use case. But if there is no actual...