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  1. JDTAY
    Scratch that last update. They want me to get an already available computer in July instead.
  2. FBnil
    FBnil DaMummy
    Hey buddy, you still there, lurking? We miss you!
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    2. Nintendo
      I miss DM as well
      Jun 11, 2019 at 10:53 PM
    3. TrashyMG
      He's on the IRC channels quite a bit.
      Jun 13, 2019 at 8:55 PM
  3. remjey
    in space
  4. Nintendo
  5. zedr0k
    still fresh
  6. zedr0k
    Hi Steward. I'd wish to get 140,-€ + shipping (depends on your location).
  7. steward-fu
    steward-fu zedr0k
    how much will you sell your rebirth pandora ?
  8. Nintendo
  9. azouls
    Born to be a Pro
  10. JDTAY
    Will be ordering a Pyra in July, probably. I have the money already, but my finances are overseen by others.
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  11. FBnil
    Playing Dubstep in a loop on the Pandora to repel mosquitoes!
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  12. Nintendo
  13. FBnil
    And then I came to realize: The excess of CO2 is killing the bee population!
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  14. Nintendo
    Nintendo > SONY
  15. FBnil
    FBnil ThinkPad
    Wait... Your name is Thinkpad, I see ZBook in the profile picture and now you have Latitude in your sig? I imagine you have a room full of laptops!
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  16. Caanunoo
    Caanunoo Askarus
    Hello Askarus, do you have a complete black case to change my silver Pandora in black color, please ???
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  17. docbroke
    I love arch
  18. Nintendo
  19. LTStone
    LTStone trevornot
    Hi, just wondering if you still have the Pandora available, I could use it for the lcd cable and buttons.
  20. FBnil
    We are all just pyrasoners here, of our own device.
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