Tempted To Get A Dingoo

Discussion in 'General Talk' started by yaustar, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. yaustar

    yaustar UK GP32 & GP2X Owner

    Oct 18, 2003
    Thinking about getting a Dingoo considering they are relatively inexpensive and the form factor is quite nice. Is it worth getting one now is there something better on the horizon?
  2. ryaxnb

    ryaxnb Still Fresh

    Oct 7, 2010
    The Dingoo is $82, the Gp2x wiz is $99, and the Caanoo is $149 in the USA.
    At these prices, heres a comparison between them:
    * The Dingoo features inferior emulation of most platforms compared to either caanoo or wiz, but OTOH, the Dingoo features very good emulation of most platforms nonetheless.
    * The dingoo uses miniSD cards not the cheaper SDHC cards.
    * The dingoo features onboard 4GB flash rather than onboard 1GB on wiz, but the flash is not accesible in Dingux.
    * The Caanoo features a larger screen and is somewhat bigger (3.5" vs 2.8") and the Wiz's screen is OLED, which is a clearer, more arcade-like tech.
    * The dingoo and caanoo are more reliable than the wiz
    * The Dingoo is not inherently very open, does not run linux on its built in os, thus the creation of Dingux.
    * The dingoo is split between Dingux and the native OS with its built in media player and emulators.
    * The dingoo has a better media player and a FM radio.
    * The Dingoo has inferior controls to Caanoo or wiz, but uses dpad rather than analog stick.
    * the dingoo includes the emulators, the caanoo and wiz require you to download them
    * To use dingoo effectively you must install Dingux which is somewhat complicated.
    * The dingoo is cheapest.
    So considering dingoo is only $81 and comes with 4GB flash, dingoo is a good value, but i think the Wiz at $99 is a better value overall, when combined with a SDHC card. The Caanoo is probably not as good a value as the Dingoo but does not require a third party firmware/dual boot to exploit its potential.

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