Lbreakout Gp2x Port Released


Mar 29, 2006
Willems Soft / joyrider, released his first port ever today being lbreakout by michael speck. It's a breakout game with all the bells and whistles it needs. Such as specials and ability to create customn levels.

These are the things i added / changed :
- Removed option to select full screen / windowed mode, it stays on windowed since trying to run something "fullscreen on the gp2x" makes the game crash.
- Added functions to handle gp2x buttons. In the same basic layout as the game originally used.
- Added sync(); command to make sure all data is written to the SD card.
- fixed a really small bug with high scores not being able to be saved, at least it wouldn't until i made the change
- Changed default player name / profile to "GP2X"
- Added default buttons for the gp2 (they can not be changed)
- Added option change volume with the gp2x keys.

Here's a screenshot:

You can get it from the archive here.
More details and a download availible here
Hey, you're alive?!?! :lol: I thought you had left the planet after Blockdude. ;) I never had the chance to show you my last ever made skin for the game. ^_^
Hey fusion!

Yeah i'm alive haha but i did kinda disapear for a while i went and started up World of Warcraft and my addiction kicked in again ;) Luckily i got bored with it again after a few months :) And After revamping my website (codewise) and doing a few other sites i wanted to try a port :D Anyway feel free to send me your blockdude skin i sure like to see what u pulled together this time :)
lol, yes WoW seems to be an EVIL game, whole E-sport Clans disappear because everyone just playing WoW instead of the training in CS or Fifa or NfS... :lol:

Uh, maybe I try this Breakout but I have an superb non-talent in Arkanoid Games. :lol: I tried Arkanoid on GP2X via MAME but I think we need an analog Arcade Spinner on the GP2X to play such games very well. ^^

Here, this was my last skin I've made for an GP2X game. It is just an improved Default Skin for your Blockdude, a little Parallax-experiment. I had It laying around onto my PC and SD, maybe someone want to use this. Feel free to put it onto your site or whatever. :)
Haha yeah i know about the clans, i used to be in a ut99/2003/2004 clan in my old days hehe.

btw nice skin i like it, goana put it on my website as an additional download for blockdude, Make a news item out of it, but not goana do a new release of blockdude for it. i'll upload it to the archive as well ! thanks again :)

it's in the file archive now as well here
this way it doesn't get lost when rapidshare deletes the file
Thanks for the great port! ;) When are you going to start with lbreakout2 :rolleyes: