Release Inside The Box - Issue 2


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May 1, 2012
Inside The Box - E-Zine

Info: Second Issue of e-zine with a lot of reviews / news and few articles.

Whats inside:

- More than +20 news about retro gaming

- Reviews:

+ Barbarian

+ Space Crusade

+ Raptor

+ Zork I

+ OutRun

+ Alone In The Dark I

+ Adax

+ Alternate Reality: The City

+ Crazy Cars III

+ Maupiti Island

+ Gods

+ Indiana Jones and last Crusade

+ Raiden Project

+ Alien Resurrection

+ Dino Crisis 2

+ Golden Axe III

+ Tattoo Assasins

+ Stunt Car Racer

+ Virtua Fighter 32X

- Tips/How To's:

+ Newbie pandora quick tips

+ Why i love jumanji

+ Better Nub-Mouse accuracy

+ Installing Google Play / Android Market on gingerbread_r5.pnd

+ XFCE Tips

- Articles:

+ The Raspberry Pi : A Review

To Be released

+15 new apps to be released..

Btw. from next issue ITB drops regular monthly releases. Next release date is not specified. It will be released when its done. Its because i didnt received enough articles/reviews from OP community for issue 2 [that was expected]. To be honest theres only 2 exclusive reviews and one short tips and tricks especially created for ITB, which isnt enough to continue ITB on a regular monthly basis. Anyway.. there are few ideas to completely drop the name of ITB and create a multiformat [win/lin/haiku/dingoo/op/wiz/gp2x/android] zine for retro-enthusiasts. This is the idea of one of my friends, recently acquired to the project.. anyway.. time will tell.. now, enjoy ITB Issue 2 and dont forget comment + rate


OpenPandora Executable PND: http://repo.openpand...idethebox-2-app

PDF Version - Generated from executable version of ITB:

Windows & Linux Versions:

Linux -> run from terminal ->

Windows -> run -> itb_windows.exe
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"from next issue ITB drops regular monthly releases" .. there was 1 pnd issue, then much later the web based issue, and then retcon and back to pnd based months later.. I Think its never been regular :) Certainly there woudl be no community submissions since you clearly stated you didn't want any ;)

A multiformat multiconsole rag woudl be great though; theres a lot of good retro sites of course, but offhand, I don't recall a current ezine .. they've all died and dried up over the last few years. So tough path to walk, but good plan .. good luck! Keep us posted!

Had a quick flick through yesterday and will have a full read when I get time later.

Looks great but you might want to leave the game reviews until after the specific Pandora stuff. Not too sure if this was only in the PDF version though? I had to flick through a lot of pages before I could get to read anything about the Pandora,

Nice work so far though :)
It's better than than the first issue (scrolling, ...), but there is still a memory leak - the more articles I open, the more memory is consumed, leading to a crash.