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Jun 2, 2007
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I need some funds soon so I have just bought a Chinese imitation phone with sat nav and as soon as it arrives I'll be putting my TYTN II up on e-bay.

I usually let auctions see how high they will go, but I am offering the TYTN II here for £270 via paypal including shipping to Ireland, UK or Europe. That may seem a bit high but here is what's included:

HTC TYTN II (Kaiser) WM6 phone/ PDA
6GB microSD card (HC)
Herbert Richter gooseneck car mount
Latest TomTom UK/Ireland maps (updated 2 months ago)
2 leather (or imitation leather maybe ;)) belt clip holders
Headphones/ handsfree (never used)
Original CD
Original AC Power supply (UK & Ireland)
Original Box
USB Cable

I am sorry to see it go, but money needs are great right now :( For those not familiar with the TYTN II just google it. In brief, the main features are:

Full Querty Keyboard
Windows Mobile 6 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Email etc all as standard)
Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
400mhz processor
GPS built in (TomTom installed and on HTC CD supplied)
Fully Unlocked to ALL networks (i bought this direct from HTC)
3MP camera (main)
Video Calling (under 3G/ Edge networks)
Word Card Mobile (great app - take a picture of a business card and it used OCR to add it to your contacts for you - it works great!)

I have deleted all my software apart from TomTom with UK/Ireland maps. However, I have loads of stuff to reinstall if someone wants me to (i.e. if you buy it from me!!) This includes Microsoft Reader with hundreds of e-books (all fiction/ sci-fi & horror), loads of games (including scummvm etc) and applications for finance, lifestyle etc). I could even throw on a few movies if you like (including pron you sick fishies!! ;))

For people in Europe (not including Ire & UK) please note that sat nav maps are Ireland & UK, with only main cities and roads shown for rest of Europe. You would have to buy more detailed maps from TomTom if you live in mainland Europe).

If anyone is interested I can post pics. Remember, postage included and although expensive, remember this includes a 6GB card and TomTom maps and is in great condition. I have had a screen protector on since day 1 and will take it off prior to sale (I think I have a brand new sealed one anyway to include).

It is by far the best phone/pda I have ever had but unfortunately i need the money now ..

Anyone interested or will I have to go e-bay route <_<

My e-bay id is thedeity666 so you can check my feedback if you like.