How Much Would You Pay For These?


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Apr 26, 2011
Up for sale are 3 GP2X F100 MKII units, both used, but in good, physical shape!

However...all 3 of them are somewhat broken. 2 of them have burnt-out voltage converters meaning they won't power off on AA batteries, while the other has only a bad joystick. If you're good with soldering, you have the most potential to save the 3rd unit, only having to swap out joysticks.

Of course, you can save all 3 of them by ordering new parts online, although I have forgotten the websites. Last I checked which was a month or so ago, a new GP2X joystick would cost about $5 - $10 plus shipping, while the voltage converter would go for about $5 a piece plus shipping. I believe the websites were found somewhere within these forums, otherwise, Google can help you out.

For the 2 with bad voltage converter, one of them has been upgraded to the Open2x DR7 firmware, as well as the unit with the bad joystick. The other is only at firmware 2.0.

As an added bonus, I may include the cradle, AC adapter included.

So now! Name your price! These may go on eBay some time soon, so I've at least given you guys a heads up!


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Sep 9, 2008
Sorry OP, this is not for ya

WizardStan said:
Moving to Market for theoretically better exposure.
Better exposure dont mean more eyes but more interested eyes.
If you get into the marketplace then you either want to sell or buy a GPH device.
If you're reading in the GPH general section, you probably already have your device and dont want to buy one (else you come to the marketplace too).
So I would remove that "theoretically" word in your post ;)
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