Car Track Game


Aug 18, 2006
I remember this game i played a while back where you controlled a car on tracks. You would just click the mouse to speed up, and let go to slow down to take corners without flying off the track. i found a version on minicooperusa's website. It was relly fun, and though i cant find the original game i played, the minicooper one is better, cuz it has vs. cpu and lights. Seems like it wuld be possible to clone, though impossible to port because there is no source code. Though the mini one seem's better, it would be ok if for simplicity's sake it was made like the old one, where there were no lights and you just raced your own times. Post if u know what this game originally was or whether it would be possible to make for the gp2x. You can find the Minicooperusa version by going to then mouse over the motor on menu and click on mc racing game.