Anyone Else Planning Video Reviews?


Aug 10, 2003
Never really done a video review.. as I hate to hear what my own voice sounds like, but just wondering if people are interested in doing videos on youtube etc when they get their Pandora.
I hate unboxing videos I find them tedious... but would love to see more videos when the pandora is available to boost interest in the device.

Does anyone have any tips for filming?
using a digital camera(with gorillapod tripod ^_^) it can only do 640x420 or something like that... no movie editing software unless you count movie maker :/
I think its best to break up my review into sections. outside device with initial boot up and quick glance, pandora os, pandora emus and games :D

naturally I will be picking holes in things as with every good review but i doubt there would be much come launch day ;)

I hope come November youtube will be flooded with vids!


Nov 3, 2007
Human Requirements for a Pandora Video Review (In Order):
-2 Months™ of patience
-2 Months™ of patience
-2 Months™ of patience

Other than that, be sure that the device can be seen on camera properly, that sound is acceptable, to show a good variety of software and options, different points of view, etc.

Bit early to be discussing imo. I'll probably write/record a review also when the time comes.



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Nov 21, 2008
England, UK
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I'm all ready to make a video of the pandora in action with my high def camera and camcorder and S-video / composite capture card set up and waiting. I do a fair few videos as part of my real job so it shouldn't be so bad making up an introduction to the pandora. Not sure if it'll be a review as such but I will cover anything that I feel needs covering.

I agree unboxing videos are quite boring and I'm sure with the limited packaging it would be unfair to really do one for the pandora as people may switch off without giving it a real go.

I've pre-ordered the tv out cable so you'll of course get to see the actual pandora footage via the lead rather than making do with a camera view (apart from looking at the actual pandora itself that is.


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Sep 2, 2009
I'm not planning on doing reviews, but maybe I can offer some suggestions. :)

If the video is out of focus you'll lose a lot of your audience right there. It's difficult to judge a product, let alone a review, when you can't see what the product is or what you're describing. If you decide to show the screen, record the signal from Pandora's video out.

- Separate video and audio tracks.
I prefer voice over style reviews to live recorded reviews. A clearer, better-planned vocal review of the product comes off better as opposed to an improv'd live track with a lot of wasteful filler. I've seen some pretty good live reviews, but in general I prefer the ones that aren't recorded at the same time as the video. Outline your review nicely, record the video you need, record the voice over track, and edit them together.

- Decent lighting.
You want to make sure your subject is lit well, and there's enough light on the surrounding area that you don't get any obnoxious glows or over or under exposure. Pandora's black, which doesn't exactly help the bright screen. The camera will likely try to compensate for the bright screen by reducing exposure, and in doing so will make the already dark Pandora even darker. Maybe some other more photographically-inclined folks here can offer some tips.

- Do your research.
If you end up saying something in your review that is either untrue or ends up being a question with an easily-researched answer, it probably won't go over well with viewers who know.

- Quality over quantity.
A short, in-depth review is easier to watch than a long-winded review full of filler or uninteresting information. Filler includes "uh, um, so yeah, well, let's see," all preceded/followed with groans, grunts, sighs, breathing, and any amount of long bits of silence. Uninteresting information is relative to the viewer, but generally anything that doesn't directly relate to the product being reviewed probably doesn't belong in the review. I just want to know about the product, not what your friends thought about it, or what you had to go through to buy it.

I hope none of that comes of as pretentious. :p


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Jul 3, 2009
Good work, -Tj-, excellent! Not pretentious in the least. I'll be doing a review as soon as I receive my Pandora! I'll also show off gameplay on the Pandora, I think that's particularly important.

typs lik dis

Dec 14, 2008
I'll do color commentary over video of native games, emulators, and common desktop apps.