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    please help gp32

    Two years ago i bought a gp32 flu and not long after, stupidly lost the encrytion. i've tried for two years to fix the problem but got nowhere. i heard that pc-link 0.9.1 could create a gps file, but i don't know for sure. the only way to fix it to encrypt it. if you could help me fix it...
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    Gp2X System

    hey yall.  I am really want a gp2x f200.  I don't know about distance since i live in the united states.  i will pay for it (a reasonable price) so if you help, that would be the best.  Have a great day guys
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    About Save Files

    I was playing my gp2x, when I wanted to know something. Can you take save files from an nes emulator for gp2x and put it into a psp?
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    Psx Emulators

    Does anyone have any knowledge as of now what the best psp emulators are? nes, snes, n64, gameboy advance and psp mess(if it exists) and mame for psp? thanks -alterdimension
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    Is It True

    Is it true that the psp can emulate n64?
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    What Should I Do?

    I made a similar thread in off topic called decisions, If a mod is anywhere, please delete it. Once again its in the off topics part called decisions. Any mod who does this I would be greatful to :) anyway, I was wondering whether to pre order now, but I think I will wait for Christmas. I'm...
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    I was wondering whether to pre order now, but I think I will wait for Christmas. I'm wondering when at least some basic emulators are made for the wiz. Any news of any emulators being made in the near future? Thanks, Alterdimension
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    Gp2x Wiz Question About Fragile

    I just wanted to know how fragile the wiz will be. I know that my gameboy advance sp, when I fell on top of it there was no damage. It has good armor. How gragile is the wiz if you drop it a time or two
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    Wiz Offtopic

    Hello and I first want to apologize for this. I lost the thread to this question I have. I understand That you charge the wiz from a usb cable from the computer (am I right or wrong about this) Anyway, what if you are a long 12 hour car ride and you use the 5 hours up. Is there another way...
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    Snes For The Wiz

    Do yout think that with the wiz of snes will support star fox to make it full speed, and will it make the ps1 emulator with full speed and mortal kombat II will be full speed and make some rpg's full speed?
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    Questions About The Wiz

    Do you think that the wiz will have the same power source as the gp2x, I bought a power source at radio shack and am wondering if I might have to buy another one. Also, will the tv out cord work the same as gp2x?(is there any need for a power source now?) any thoughts? If this is in the wrong...
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    Wiz Questions

    This is probably a stupid question, and I apologize, but can the new wiz emulate n64 games?
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    Hey there. I was just wondering if we've seen the last of the emulators, because I heard about gp2x being discontinued. Any thoughts?
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    does anybody know if gp2xmess has tv out support, or when will it be?
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    I really wish someone would continue the gba snes and to create a sega genesis for gba. I have a gba and am not really impressed with the emulators because they discontinued the work. I hope someday someone would continue and finish what is already there and make new emulators. Thats something...
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    I tried putting in mortal kombat 1 and 2 but it just freezes when I try to open it. also, My previous mame gp2x (5.1) don't work anymore. (and I have the correct mame game files) Wha should I do? Thanks in advance, Alterdimension
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    Power Supply Crock Of Crap

    I just bought a wall plug to my gp2x (f100) and it only cost $16.99. at radio shack. The special adapter to convert power into dc is a crock of crap. it is just a myth. You don't need the gp2x adaptor.
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    Fenix Questions

    After looking at that last topic, It promped me to use fenix. I must learn it, but just to ask can you find fenix in a book, or on the web only. I have looked at the internet and have learned alot, but I learn from a book even better. However I can use the internet if there is no book to...
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    Game Editor

    Hey everybody I'm trying to make an already game using game editor(linux version) I have no idea how to use it. Could anybody help a noob out? Thanks in advance -alterdimension :)
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    Mame Games

    I would love to know when mortal kombat 1 and 2 are going to be fixed in mame