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  1. Woody

    New render of the Pyra

    I dig it.
  2. Woody

    SuperZaxxon v1.72-RC

    I wasn't able to attach the file, but here is a link to where it can be downloaded:
  3. Woody

    SuperZaxxon v1.72-RC

    I'm running a 1Ghz.  I gave 1.72rc another shot and the nubs are working fine as is the built in wifi.  I'm thinking the icon set "Buuf3.10" was causing the system to flake out.  When I would switch to it in Appearance  a "Missing Resources" window would pop up saying "The NetworkManager applet...
  4. Woody

    SuperZaxxon v1.72-RC

    I flashed mine to 1.72rc the other day and here were my problems: 1. Wifi wouldn't connect.  It stayed in the 'connecting' state.  My USB wifi had no problems, though. 2. My custom icon set wouldn't work. 3. The apps under 'Settings' would randomly disappear. 4. The right nub was kind of...
  5. Woody

    Pyra Ports Protector?

    Great idea for an accessory.  I don't think I'd buy one, though.  My Pandora is immune to pocket lint, dust bunnies, etc.  15 months of Afghan "Moon Dust" didn't even phase it.  If the Pyra is anything like the Pandora it should hold up fine without covers.
  6. Woody

    What have you bought recently?

    Food, beer and PC Engine games.
  7. Woody

    What Stuff are you going to use with the Pyra?

    Games, web surfing and productivity.  I hope I'll be able to play Dreamcast and Saturn games at a better clip.
  8. Woody

    Half Life Running on Pandora! (Xash3d)

  9. Woody

    List of Most Popular Jazz Artists

    1. Fourplay 2. Fourplay 3. Fourplay 4. Fourplay 5. Fourplay 6. Fourplay 7. Fourplay 8. Fourplay 9. Fourplay 10. Fourplay
  10. Woody

    2009 Replacement Batteries

    This is great news!  Thanks guys!  :D
  11. Woody

    2009 Replacement Batteries

    I'm weighing my options between purchasing a new battery or getting a few of the 2009 replacements from the Dragonbox store.  For you folks who bought the 2009s, how many hours are you getting out of them?  Cheers!!!         Woody
  12. Woody

    Any (food) juicers here?

    I can vouch for the Nutri-Bullet.  It's powerful, easy on the wallet and it grinds your fruits/veggies to a pulp that is smooth enough to drink(nothing wasted).  
  13. Woody

    Of cases and batteries

    Thanks for the udpates.  The Pyra is gonna be awesome!!
  14. Woody

    Hard act for the pyra to follow??

    I know some folks who have this.  It's a good gaming device, nothing more.  It's a bit big and has crappy battery life. I think I'd rather have a Pyra.
  15. Woody

    Release PCSX ReARMed r22 - now using the DSP

    I don't know what DSP is, but whatever you did fixed the sound on Oshaberi Parodius.  Game works perfect now.  Thanks for what you do!
  16. Woody

    Just 1 pint

    Can't tell if serious.
  17. Woody

    IT SHIPPED!!!!

  18. Woody

    Aluminium Case being made!

    Put me down for a couple.  
  19. Woody

    I'm getting one

    1: Overclocking to a higher rate than 133 mhz CAN damage your lcd screen. (i think most emus wont go higher than 133 mhz) 2: I dont think any plans are made for this yet, or will ever be made outside of korea. (you can multiplay the official games with your friends , u need some extra thingie...
  20. Woody

    CPS 1/2 Emulator or Final Burn Port !

    i really dont think the gp32 can handle the CPS1/2 system, till someone proves me wrong ofcourse :)