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  1. R is down!

    GBAx is going to instal the light and sell them on their site its not gamepark that is doing it
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    Pinball Dreams

    why dont one of you guys try and find a korean make friends with him then get him/her to buy the games for you and then have him/her email the game to you? just a suggestion i am still waiting to get money to get a GP32 i have been looking at them for over a year now
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    Old posts & topics...

    why dont we just make a sticky topic with links to all the comonly asked question topics :lol: its that easy
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    Why hasnt anyone suggested this

    i cant belive no one has done this yet i think that some one should port lemmings there is about a million versions of it and its really basic from the old pcs anybody wanna do it?
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    selling gp32!!!!!

    hey i would be interested in buying it ill have to talk it over with my girl (just got in a car wreck yesterday oops but its their fault and they didnt have any insurance) i want to make sure she is ok with it and if we can afford it