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  1. hackroid

    Pandorapress Webpage Hacked ?

    It was my fault. There was sum spams in ur interblog, I clicks it by mistake :(
  2. hackroid

    Spoke To The Factory

    Im putting my faith in you guys, this is excellent news, WHOOOP...!!1!11!!!!!
  3. hackroid

    Where Next

    Since the Pandora has a rather large screen compared to most handheld devices I would love to use it for creating art, I'd use it as a sketchpad for line/vector and pixel art, which I think it would be perfect for. The stylus doesn't have the sensitivity of the Wacom, but at least you can draw...
  4. hackroid

    Countdown To Production Unit Showcase 7 Day(S)

    I'm pretty sure they mean "Final production unit showcase", not prototype.
  5. hackroid

    Where Next

    The Sega Saturn seems to be a hard Console to Emulate, but the arcade original and the Dreamcast versions would be the best bet. As mentioned above by mindlord the nubs would work perfectly for the arcade version, you may have to remap the Dreamcast controls, I've never been a big fan of the...
  6. hackroid

    Where Next

    Virtual On alone makes Model 2 emulation worthwhile :)
  7. hackroid

    Anyone Going To The Eurogamer Expo?

    This year (from today) the Eurogamer Expo comes to Leeds 27/28th and London 30/31st Oct. So for the first time us up north get a chance to play the latest unreleased games, and chat to the developers about their up an' coming projects. There's a lot of new titles on offer to play and test out...
  8. hackroid

    Pics From Mweston: Silk Screen Design

    This is totally different to what I mean, I like the idea of keeping things simple. No need for essays or a small paragraph of explanation for the ignorant or uninformed. I hope the finished style wouldn't have to explain itself.
  9. hackroid

    Pics From Mweston: Silk Screen Design

    Yeah, but a bit of modesty and foresight help to guard against attacks from the idiots. If we put ourselves on a pedestal with a big "FIRST BIATCH" target on us, maybe I'm wrong, just thinking, maybe best to be subtle.
  10. hackroid

    Pics From Mweston: Silk Screen Design

    I think this design is the best idea yet, if the Dev team decided to go with "first Batch" or a similar sentence wouldn't some reviewers/customers/gamers etc wonder if it's called the "PANDORA FIRST BATCH" or the "PANDORA CUBE FIRST BATCH", this may create a bit of uncertainty amongst some...
  11. hackroid

    Did Anyone Watch Micro Men?

    Hopefully Openpandora won't be bailed/bought out by the government (or Governments as it's an international collaboration) Then one of the dev team is sent to work undercover, at a Satellite company developing other products, which proves to be a bigger hit than the pandora. BBC's handhelds for...
  12. hackroid


    30% on top of the total cost to transfer funds? I suggest moving banks mate, that is crazy. :o
  13. hackroid

    C.e. Testing Done!

    Not having to faf around with the FCC may help quicken the Pandora creation process by an hour or 2.... at least :)
  14. hackroid

    Looking For An Artist Or Another Mr. Driller Clone

    Holy crap that in game menu is freakin' amazing, seriously :o Also, Ima nearly finished.
  15. hackroid

    C.e. Test Booked For 14 Oct 2009

    ED posted, we may not need FCC after all :D
  16. hackroid

    Graphics Concept

    It sounds interesting. I don't really know too much about 3D rendering, but if you see something that no one else has seen, then this may inspire others to try this unused technique, I agree with the suggestion for some videos :)
  17. hackroid

    Did Anyone Watch Micro Men?

    That was my very first computer, recently I've Been playing Petals of Doom/Tycoon Tex/Sword of Destiny and Dark Tower on it, Petals of Doom is a really cool Defender/Dropzone clone, love it. This is probably why these computers are so collectable, 'cause they were just binned en mass.
  18. hackroid

    Did Anyone Watch Micro Men?

    I notice that the programme was originally going to be called Syntax Era, which would've a really geeky and fun play on words. It is available to view on iplayer, for those in the UK. I find most of the programmes the BBC are showing in this Electric revolution are very pro BBC (Like the family...
  19. hackroid

    Did Anyone Watch Micro Men?

    ...sob, That's just horrible. I had a similar experience, I met someone at the same computer course I was attending about five years ago, they said how they had just thrown out a BBC Msster and a Jupiter Ace, 'cause they were moving house :o Yeah, like when the three sexy female students...
  20. hackroid

    Did Anyone Watch Micro Men?

    It would never happen :D