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    Release Not Pacman

    Right, haven't played the game in a while, so I forgot about that. The thing with nottetris2 is that it runs on 0.7.x (on the desktop), but crashes on the pandora. I think notpacman as well as nottetris2 have problems with 0.8 or don't run at all, but it's needed for mari0.
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    Release Not Pacman

    I think they write their hiscores in a textfile $HOME/.local/share/love/not_pacman (if that helps). As discussed earlier in this thread, the engine still has some bugs and games like not tetris 2 don't work, have you made progress with it?
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    .next alpha image

    I can't reproduce this with my rebirth pandora, as in "it runs fine". It seems like I installed the latest image (my downloaded tar.xz has the following creation time: 2013-08-18 18:39).
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    Policy for PND maintainers re SuperZaxxon / .next handover

    Also "lowlevel" stuff, that tries to call udev or related things. I think SuperZaxxon is pre systemd udev merge and .next is after. This most likely doesn't concern as many packages (Android as a pnd, SpaceFM, …). The problem with this  is, that all of it has to fit on the NAND and your...
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    .next alpha image

    Hm, I wonder what that library does? I only maintain one application in the repo (SpaceFM, it fails to start because of libudev), but what is the "policy" for application maintainers? What if fixing a pnd for .next breaks it for SuperZaxxon?
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    .next alpha image

    That was fast and it works. After loading the "g_cdc" module my mouse and keyboard work like in SuperZaxxon. Another thing: the qupzilla browser segfaults.
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    .next alpha image

    Yay for new stuff. I have one problem with it though: USB-OTG stopped working. As in the small port with an adapter to host stuff (1.1 and 2.0 devices). The normal, big port (2.0 only) works. In SuperZaxxon, my KVM-Switch and the connected mouse and keyboard work. If I reboot into .next, they...
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    Release SpaceFM

    I packaged my favourite filemanager, spacefm for the pandora. This is my first try at compiling and packaging something, so please tell me if I did something wrong and don't hesitate to report bugs. Link to the repo:
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    Doom3 Source Code Released (GPL licensed)

    I would love to see doom3 on the pandora, too. Oliver McFadden is porting the engine to opengles 2 at the moment: He didn't release any source code yet, but he will when he fixed some bugs. This will propably make the thing a lot...