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    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    He was technically correct, the best kind of correct. As there was no year 0, this decade still has two days left while his unit shipped yesterday. Edit: And even had it delivered on the very last day. Not even close!
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    It reminds me of the Pandora!

    Why? It's very much still open for pre-orders.
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    It reminds me of the Pandora!

    I've been telling him about other wrong information in the press-kit and website, like the SATA adaptor not being eSATA but he never fixes them. Anyway, if you look at the pre-order page, you can see that the 2GB models have disappeared from the webshop. Edit: Another one he has not corrected...
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    I had a leather holster made

    Time to unbury this thread, maybe. @Eight Bit, what you say?
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    It's software this time!

    It's SATA II but not eSATA, @EvilDragon didn't check the differences before writing the technical specifications. See @hns' earlier post in this thread:
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    Release Hyperspace Delivery Boy Demo

    ixsoft still sells the LGP Linux version in DVD box, if you know German. And please use ScummVM, which actually merged in the original engine that was provided by John Romero, it's as native as it gets and has bugfixes.
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    Even more to see here (now)

    There were only two possible answers: Either admitting you are making too many errors in the first place, unrelated to how much time you have to write (I am suspecting it's the chronic lack of sleep, as I have some experience with that myself) or claiming it's the same there as well, which then...
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    Pandora-on-Pyra Emulator?

    Then maybe you need to adjust your definition of "not that much more powerful"? Just a thought.. do you have any idea how hard it is to find benchmark comparisons between desktop CPUs with a 3.5 times difference in single-thread performance (in the same CPU line, both being the fastest available...
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    Pandora-on-Pyra Emulator?

    Welp, Wally chickened out (or platypussied out?). :-D Anyway, as has been repeated a lot of times already, the OMAP5 is a lot faster than the OMAP3. Conservatively at least 3.5 times as fast per core, which makes it 7 times with both cores, that is plenty. That is because the OMAP3 was before...
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    Even more to see here (now)

    I was not talking about the catalogue but in general, whatever text I see, like the press release in May 2016 or the information on the website or webshop, all had a high amount of errors that I told you about, so it can't be time-related. For me it does feel like Sysiphos work - and in school I...
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    Even more to see here (now)

    Don't worry about it, I know from experience that telling him about grammar errors is an uphill battle, even getting him to acknowledge that something is wrong. There are probably dozens more in the catalogue, even just on that same page are two that are way more glaring, right in the title the...
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    Even more to see here (now)

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    The Pandora Port Request Thread This should work well with Pandora's controls.
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    Wrapping everything up! why
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    Wrapping everything up!

    No need to worry, just upgrade to buster which currently has Qt 5.11. The freeze is in the coming weeks, so Debian 10 should be released in about half a year. Plenty of time before the Pyra comes out. I started out writing for Holarse (German Linux gaming site), which at the time was in a...
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    Important color changes

    I don't know if EvilDragon has shown the exact type of black it will be but that the first colour will be black he already said over a year ago.
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    Important color changes

    levi: That's totally normal behaviour if you overclock and probably will be the same on the Pyra. That's why intel deliberately clocks AVX instructions several hundred MHz slower, to keep the power draw in check, so AVX code for intel CPUs has to be very carefully coded, otherwise the program...
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    Beta Need for Speed II SE

    Can you elaborate on what kind of wrapper this is?
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    I had a leather holster made

    I have one such bag for my Pandora (no clue where I got it) in which it just barely fits, meaning the Pyra will be too big and it's just thin fake leather anyway, so this would be great to have! So mark me down for one in brown. I was hoping it would be one of those you strap on over your...
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    It's all white!

    The reason why SoCs often have eight cores is so that four are more efficient at light load and take over whenever you don't need higher performance, that's called big.LITTLE. I presume you know that, just pointing it out because the A53 you mentioned is the model used for light load in that...