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  1. TheRealAnubis

    Dosbox Game Test

      I know this is an OLD thread, but the questions are still new - How did you get Prince of Persia running on DosBox?   Thanks!
  2. TheRealAnubis

    In Case You Are Having Problems Playing 'tower Of Doom' On You

    I was trying to get my 'Tower of Doom' on the other day, using the Jzintv (Intellivision emulator) port listed here:,0,0,0,71,311   All I could get was a temp black screen, or a hard lock of the Wiz.  After doing some online research, it seems that...
  3. TheRealAnubis

    Star Castle On Mame4All On Gp2X Wiz

    Excellent!  That worked!     That is something that I would have never tried...    :D   Also, if you set the VideoSync to VSync or Dblbuf the mame menu disappears when you choose 'return to game' and you can start playing, otherwise you have to fly through the remainder of the mame menu for it...
  4. TheRealAnubis

    Star Castle On Mame4All On Gp2X Wiz

    Hello everyone!   I was wondering if anyone has managed to get the vector graphics game Star Castle to work on their Wiz?  It loads up, but displays a blank screen.  The controls work and I hear it making sounds.     I have tinkered with all of the setting with no change.   Any help would be...
  5. TheRealAnubis

    Handy (Atari Lynx Emualtor) For Wiz .. Very Alpha

    Just in case no one has mentioned it, thanks to everyone for keeping the Wiz alive. I have a Lynx, but I would rather play it on my Wiz! Good luck and I hope to try this out soon!
  6. TheRealAnubis

    Exult (Ultima Vii)

    I didn't get to play on the GP2X, but I am playing on the Wiz at the moment. I'll see if I can get any more ideas for improvements while playing ! Glad to hear that you are breathing some new life into this! Unfortunately, many of the people that were working on Wiz stuff have moved on to the...
  7. TheRealAnubis

    GP2X The (Maybe) First Gp2X Wiz Cradle ;o)

    Andymanone ! I know this post is getting stale, but I was wondering if you finished the project ? I am getting a GP2X cradle, and would like to get it working for my Wiz, so if you have that step by step stuff in the works, let me know ! Thanks, and great work ... TheRealAnubis
  8. TheRealAnubis

    Wiz Ext Pinout?

    Just checking, but we now have the Wiz pinout information as: ---------------------------------------------- 04 - Power Out +3,7V 05 - Power Out +3,7V 06 - Power_EN (Dev Board) 07 - CFG Shadow (Dev Board) 08 - CFG Bootmode 1 (Dev Board) 09 - CFG Bootmode 0 (Dev Board) 10 - USB - Data (Slave) 12...
  9. TheRealAnubis

    Wiz Video Out Cable Question

    Thanks for the quick reply ! I ordered 2 of these cheap on ebay, and was hoping to use one as a spare data cable, and make the other into a TV OUT.. Now I can try to modify the other cable to become a data cable....
  10. TheRealAnubis

    Trying to get my Wiz organized...

    Trying to get my Wiz organized...
  11. TheRealAnubis

    Trying to get my Wiz organized...

    Trying to get my Wiz organized...
  12. TheRealAnubis

    I love vintage computers and console gaming systems - so naturally the emulation scene is a...

    I love vintage computers and console gaming systems - so naturally the emulation scene is a great way for me to enjoy my hobby in a more portable way.
  13. TheRealAnubis

    Good Sd Card For My Wiz?

    I went from a 4GB class 4 to a 16GB class 6 Patriot SDHC, and the load times appear to be faster - Especially noticeable is Quake 2, which takes a while to load, and from the SD card menu on the Wiz, all of the games and icons come up faster. Even Super Mario RPG seems a little less laggy !
  14. TheRealAnubis

    Exult (Ultima Vii)

    That would be great !
  15. TheRealAnubis

    Wiz Video Out Cable Question

    Hi, I was reading the info about making the TV out cable for the Wiz, and one of the cables listed is for the Samsung Z-500 phone. The other end is a standard USB. My question is, unmodified, will this cable function as a replacement for the original Wiz cable ? (charging, data transfer, etc.)...
  16. TheRealAnubis

    Virtual Keyboard Needed In These Games

    Hi all, This is a crazy request, but I think that Pickle or any of the other pro's that are getting these games working on the Wiz could possibly implement this. In the following games that I have working on the Wiz: Duke nukem 3d (eduke32) Heretic Hexen & deathkings of the dark citadel Hexen...
  17. TheRealAnubis

    Exult (Ultima Vii)

    I wonder if anyone is interested in doing a port to the WIZ instead of having to go the Ginge route, if only for the touchscreen addition, and maybe a virtual keyboard.. As a tip if you can't get serpent isle working, turn the introductions off at the main Exult menu.
  18. TheRealAnubis

    Warcraft 1 Beta 3

    Hi all, I have Warcraft 1 running on my wiz, but the touchscreen freaks out. Seemingly at random, when I touch to select a character, enemy, building, etc, the screen goes completely to another area very far away from the area that I am selecting. Any tips or tricks that could help out ? Anubis