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    What would you like to see?

    +1 I would love to see this!
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    Keymat Layout - the Final Poll!

    Ah, I hadn't considered that. I was thinking about how easily it would be to find F11 from muscle memory to full screen programs. I could see myself trying to backspace while in Fn Lock and hitting F11 instead... I don't see a better location in the layout so maybe it's better off as you had it. 
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    Keymat Layout - the Final Poll!

    Lots of great layouts here. Ultimately, I voted on layout 10 and 7. 10 is by far my favorite but 7 would be my 2nd choice. Here's some notes on what I liked and didn't like. Layout 10 Pros: Most keys where I generally expect them to be: ESC, backspace, enter, shift of the right side and Fn in...
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    Android 4.4/5.0 OOB?

    This looks interesting:
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    Port Requests

     Thanks for working on this however it doesn't run for me. I downloaded it a couple times to make sure it wasn't corrupted. CC Pandora here.
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    The RetroPi

    Why not the Odroid C1 instead of the Raspberry Pi? They seem to be priced similarly and the Odroid is more powerful. 
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    So - which module and by default which carrier(s) in the US will the US version of the Pyra work wit

    Have you looked into Ting? I understand that right now they are CDMA but at the end of February they will be adding GSM support. Maybe this could work for you? Also, the Nexus 5 supports both CDMA and GSM, which can be bought for much less than $700 per phone and would give you some flexibility...
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    Linux Desktop and high DPI issues?

    I was thinking about this last week and realized I had something similar: my smartphone. I have a Nexus 5 (with a 5" screen) so I downloaded some desktop screenshots at 720p and viewed them in fullscreen. Not quite the same but close enough for me. The resolution was fine for me so I don't think...
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    Pandora 1Ghz screen problem

    Me too, I'm guessing there are a few more out there...
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    Download Pyra Debian OS (WIP)

    Interesting, I don't have any empirical data on the wifi, just a general feeling as I used my Pandora with Debian. I didn't download anything to test the speeds, so maybe it is still as slow and I'm just noticing the snappiness of Debian itself. Thanks for the link for the setting up the mouse...
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    Download Pyra Debian OS (WIP)

    Just tried this on my CC Pandora and it works well, I'm impressed. I'm going to play around with it and see if I can get the nubs working as mouse input. I was surprised to find that the wifi seems to work faster here than in the default OS. Also, Iceweasel seems to be at the speeds of Pale Moon...
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    The Pyra Puzzle

    Would this work with the Pyra using the micro USB connector?
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    Buy a Pandora or wait for the Pyra?

    I disagree, I think ED's had some experience under his belt this time that should help the overall quality of the first gen Pyra. I think it will be pretty similar, in terms of quality, to the 1Ghz Pandoras we have now. 
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    New Data Showing No Difference Between 16 and 24 bits audio

    How about from  :P
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    Some new Pandora stuff available

    I'm curious about this too.  Also, any idea when LCD cables will be in stock? I have been plagued by the tinted screen for a while now and haven't bothered to fix it. :P
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    Final Logo Poll

    Love the look of number one but seems I'm in a small minority Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
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    Cinnamon as the official desktop?

    +1 for Mate
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    Alrighty, here is are questions for Link(you know which one)

    Link, I noticed the 1Ghz model is in stock but I didn't see an option to upgrade. Unless I'm mistaken, didn't you used to offer this? If so, will you be offering it again soon? Would my Pandora be eligible to upgrade? I've put some money together and I want to upgrade, but would rather order...
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    Thinking of Repairing my Pandora

    Thanks. I've resolved to contact Link and see what he might charge for something like this. As much as I would enjoy repairing my Pandora, I simply don't have the time or the energy.  Thanks for the links, especially of your Pandora. I like the look and I just might give it a shot. I would...