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  1. rodolforg

    Paper Wars

    Glad to hear @crow_riot made some stuff - but I never could buy a Pandora. I talked to him sometimes - when we have that ooooold bulletin board… he was an amazing guy and programmer. Same for @traylorpark with his fantastisc skills.
  2. rodolforg

    Paper Wars

    How I miss this game :'( I wonder what are the game/life projects of @crow_riot and @traylorpark …
  3. rodolforg

    Aquaventure - New Caanoo Game

    Thank you! Playing it on Wiz. It's better to say "trying to pass the level 1" ;)
  4. rodolforg

    What Is Everyone Doing These Days?

    I'm waiting for your tests ;)
  5. rodolforg

    [Emulator] 8Blitter (Mastersystem/gamegear/gameboy)

    Thank you a lot. Works great and it's nicely polished!
  6. rodolforg

    Pcsx Rearmed R17

    Thank you, Notaz! R18 is working well in Wiz!
  7. rodolforg

    L'abbaye Des Morts Wiz And Caanoo

    It doesn't work on Wiz. In my first try, it complains that is not found. I put it there, but I got segmentation fault (library from GPH SDK and from OpenWiz toolchain).   =/
  8. rodolforg

    How To Unmount And Mount This..

    I downloaded DosBox from, and I saw there's a script for run Duke 1. You can change that script from : #! /bin/sh DIRROOT=/mnt/sd/dosbox DIRGAME=${DIRROOT}/duke1 ${DIRROOT}/dosbox -conf ${DIRGAME}/dosbox.conf exec /usr/gp2x/gp2xmenu to: #! /bin/sh DIRROOT=/mnt/sd/dosbox...
  9. rodolforg

    Set To Compile A Working Version Of Daphne Emu

    Did you try without passing the architecture (no -marc)?
  10. rodolforg

    Games Folder Issue

    Although it's FAT, the folder name is case sensitive as BAFelton said. Did you name it all lower case? Can you see/browse the folder when using it by laucher?
  11. rodolforg

    Has Your Wiz Internet Access?

    After finnishing my current app in development, I intend to work on a network game (one player against other, through Internet access). It would be a strategy/minor action game, in a few (and maybe wrong) words. I don't want to give more details by now, I just want to see how large the number...
  12. rodolforg

    Bad News

    I still think that the big failure was/is FunGP. If it was working, commercial/indie devs could sell their games'n apps and Caanoo could reach some (minor) "status"/name among handlhelds. As I said before (i think), I don't Caanoo, just Wiz. And I bought it not because of emulation stuff, it...
  13. rodolforg

    Paper Wars

    I used before and after 2.5 release. The current problem is the lack of tutorials the 2.4X build in time... I think it easy to use, but not straight-foward. ;)
  14. rodolforg

    Paper Wars

    The so lightweighted, free and cool Blender? ;) Why not?
  15. rodolforg


    Hmm... I see. So, for now, I will get the image dimensions not using the SDL_image library to avoid the suddenly and not announced Killed message, and restricts its opening if the image is too large. [/shame]
  16. rodolforg


    Yeah, I know it's really really big ;) I use 16bpp and no alpha channel, so, it's a little bit smaller. The GPH developer guide says that, with SDL, there's about 47MB of free memory available... Hmm... I thought about this once. But I need the image can be scrolled - according the user's...
  17. rodolforg


    Pickle: it would something like 3000x3000 . but it's a user file, it's not that I want that. Exephase: good link! I read just the first page, though - too long ;) I'll continue next week, as I'll in travel saturday morning~thursday. I think I'll use the /proc/meminfo approach. it seems easy and...
  18. rodolforg


    Pickle: Yes, I'm pretty sure. fprintf(stderr,...) before and after. And when it is smaller, it runs through without problems. I can't use gdb because the battery is empty and I can't find my cable... And I never carry it when I leave home. One member here is trying it for me on Wiz. Exophase...
  19. rodolforg


    I'm coding an applicatation that uses SDL. sometimes, when I try to allocate a surface (by SDL_CreateRGBSurface) - and yes, it's a little big, the program crash reporting "Killed" message, and not just a NULL pointer to the supposed to be returned surface. Any idea how can I prevent that crash...
  20. rodolforg

    Joystick Issues/deadzones

    Well, I think that's a question for Emulation section but, anyway. Maybe you could write an e-mail for the developer/porter directly? Perhaps he can't/doesn't follow these threads?