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  1. fantomid

    Scaleway Open Source Program

    Scaleway could offer some infrastructure support to open source communities and projects. Some people here may be interested. Links: [de] [en] [fr] To candidate, simply send an email here.
  2. fantomid

    Micro Pyra news from the.. dragons mouth

    Thanks for details. Could we consider that the RK3568 will be the successor of the OMAP5 ?
  3. fantomid

    Looking for help: U-Boot RAM Timings

    @EvilDragon know some guys from Bootlin in Toulouse Maybe, I could ask them for help ?
  4. fantomid

    Capitole du Libre 2022

    Yep, the organization was quite complicated to do the event again. Very exhausting :( Some pictures to share :)
  5. fantomid

    Mekotronics R58X Rockchip RK3588 running Debian

    A cheaper alternative will be available soon, check the article on cnx-software
  6. fantomid

    War in Ukraine

    Support from GOG to victims in Ukraine with the game This war of mine
  7. fantomid

    Phytium-based ARM PC

    No problem with the SSD included with the Phytium. I prefer to keep it unchanged. I installed XFCE.
  8. fantomid

    Phytium-based ARM PC

    Debian 11.1.0 on Phytium after changing the SSD by a Gigabyte's one Seems to work with this one. Have to build the Phytium kernel or something else to test for stability
  9. fantomid

    Phytium-based ARM PC

    The first time, I started with a normal HDMI cable and I got the Ubuntu Kylin login after a short time. The next time (had to change the desk), I started with an DVI-HDMI cable and I never got the Ubuntu Kylin login. Screen stayed black. For the password, I changed it (root and ubuntu's user...
  10. fantomid

    Phytium-based ARM PC

    French mini-machine news site give details on the PC Phytium présente un MiniPC sous SoC ARMv8 et Radeon RX550 Added a comment for DragonBox and Pyra
  11. fantomid

    CM4 (Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4) usage for the Pyra ?

    Thanks @Phlyra I didn't see that post :)
  12. fantomid

    CM4 (Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4) usage for the Pyra ?

    Informations have beed published on several sites now, for example: Do you think a new base could be made and the CM4 used in the future ?
  13. fantomid

    Wireframe magazine

    Who will find the community member answering question in this article ? ;) I got issues from this magazine, pretty interesting.
  14. fantomid

    Release OpenBOR

    @mamemaniac, I will put the PND on the repo after correcting the SOR2X PND crash. This module (OpenBoR build 6330) use the webm library to play video and the library is included in the OpenBoR build 4153. So, I will apply the correction to OpenBoR build 4153 and 6330. Could someone test the...
  15. fantomid

    DISTRAINT Deluxe Edition free until 25 jan, 2019 15h CET
  16. fantomid

    Release OpenBOR

    Yop, here is the PND of the Double Dragon Reloaded with 3.0.3 version. @mamemaniac, you could try it, others too :) The 3.0.3 version is included in the PND and during the first start, decompression is done. You have to wait first for the decompression, then the loading is quite long even on...
  17. fantomid

    Release OpenBOR

    Manage to build the 4153 revision for SDL2 with the latest codeblocks beta from @ptitSeb But only two players mode is available when launching a game. I have to check that before making the Double Dragon Reloaded PND asked by @mamemaniac :)
  18. fantomid

    .. T ... H ... I ... N ... K ... I ... N ... G ..

    .. T ... H ... I ... N ... K ... I ... N ... G ..
  19. fantomid

    What are you going to do when you first get your Pyra

    Prepare exhibitions in France In Toulouse, we got every year the Toulouse Game Show (approx. 50K visitors, don't compare to Gamescom) and a FOSS event (Capitole du Libre) In Lyon, we got a new event around video games and a FOSS event too (JDLL) We could probably apply for events in Bordeaux and...
  20. fantomid

    Gamescom 2018

    Very nice pictures. Thanks for sharing. Have to go to Gamescom one day...