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  1. HeWhoCorrupts

    Snes9X4C (For Caanoo) V20101010 - Beta Release

    Is the game save support for RPG's? I know in PocketSNES you had to manually select "save SRAM" Do you have to in this emul? or will it just keep the save?
  2. HeWhoCorrupts

    Lcd Adjustment/utility

    I noticed no change when I lowered the brightness. It was all the same level of bright and quick draining of the battery.
  3. HeWhoCorrupts

    I Really Hope...

    You did read it though... But the topic at hand is getting some of these games, they have gotten me intrigued and I want a full version.
  4. HeWhoCorrupts

    I Really Hope...

    The title is the start of the sentence, that goes into the main body. But in all seriousness I want to play some of these games.
  5. HeWhoCorrupts

    Will There Be A Better Nes Emul Soon?

    The one on the file archive is not so good. The button config is not good, there is no way to go back to the ROM list, and I did look at the README. Its really slow and all-around not good. Who did the one for the Wiz? Fce was awesome, and I am hoping someone can port that, it ran wonderfully on...
  6. HeWhoCorrupts

    I Really Hope...

    Some of these Caanoo games come out. Such as Dragon Hunter, Quest Master, and Lord of Sword. They look fun, but seeing how the Wiz came out, and was almost immediately retired (seemingly)... I mean FunGP running is a good sign, but man, I want some full releases... All semi-impatience aside, it...
  7. HeWhoCorrupts

    Help! Water Got Behind My Screen.

    It was in a pocket of some shorts sometimes I would pocket it while playing if I left the tv to do something, and... I don't know how it went unnoticed I always check for my wallet and phone, but I guess who would think to check for a Wiimote... When it worked after the drying I laughed my ass...
  8. HeWhoCorrupts

    Help! Water Got Behind My Screen.

    Leave it to dry and do not turn it on until you are positive it is dry. If it works... It works... I had a WiiMote go through the washing machine and I left it in the sun then left it alone for a couple of days, it was fine.
  9. HeWhoCorrupts

    Battlejewels 1.0.5 For Caanoo!

    Yeah, Wind Buffet is broken, and some times on fighting a healing class, it can take far too long to take him down. Plus the whole Tome of Skill/swiftness thing is kinda bad, I got those through a wild-card chest. Can you speed up the cursor also?
  10. HeWhoCorrupts

    Caanoo Battery

    It's not that bad for mine, but... Close. My Wiz would last forever but so far the Caanoo, not so much.
  11. HeWhoCorrupts

    Any News On New Console Emul?

    Anybody working on these or news?
  12. HeWhoCorrupts

    Problems With Fungp Or Pc Manager?

    I used IE and it actually downloaded and worked. It was slow, but not that bad.
  13. HeWhoCorrupts

    Ini Files And Icons For Faster Loading?

    How do you set these up so you can use them, I use the the explorer and manually get the game loaded but, with the .ini files cant you put them somewhere to make this faster?
  14. HeWhoCorrupts

    Quake 1 (With Nanogl)

    Yeah... Not 5 minutes after posting this I got it... Thanks though! And Thanks for the Kens Labyrinth!
  15. HeWhoCorrupts

    Quake 1 (With Nanogl)

    How do you get this to work? I have the game files, now how do I put them in folders to make it work? The readme was not helpful. If someone could tell me step by step that would be great.
  16. HeWhoCorrupts

    Ken's Labyrinth

    Saving a loading screen flickers and its hard to tell what menu piece you are on. But other than that, wonderful. I grew up playing this game and I am love this, I even recommended this be ported about like 3 months ago before the Caanoo was out.
  17. HeWhoCorrupts

    Wifi Connectivity On Caannoo?

    Is there a way to find a MAC address for the Caanoo? You could add it that way, I have not tried anything really WiFi yet with this as I am lacking the dongle.
  18. HeWhoCorrupts

    Got Pc Manager To Work

    yeah... It kicked off in IE8... ewww...
  19. HeWhoCorrupts

    Got Pc Manager To Work

    The Caanoo is registered, but I cannot DL the Rythmos game. It says I am missing a plugin but when I do, it still won't go. Is it like a queue? Could I be denied packets thru a DNS issue? I am please I got through the PC manager and it synced on the site and the manager, but no game... Help?
  20. HeWhoCorrupts

    Taking Pre-Orders For Gph Caanoo

    Came today! Thank you Justin!