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    Welcome To My Dream

    actually i havent seen that pic before, but its pretty close. i think most of my inspiration came from the snes controller since that has a very simple style to it, but still managed to work extremely well. take the colours off the buttons and it becomes less obvious tho.. bars are a bit dull...
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    Welcome To My Dream

    dual shoulder buttons are a problem for a slider or split design unless you have a kinda overhang on the top to extend the depth of the unit, so i went for sticking one set on top and one on the edge to avoid having extremely thin shoulder buttons (imagine a psp with 2 of those on each shoulder...
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    Welcome To My Dream

    thanks very much (all of you) :) the keyboard is a total pipe dream, hence the thread title, but maybe in several years time itll be more of a mainstream thing and the problems with weight will be solved. I just realised that this design wouldnt allow for easy access to the guts inside either...
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    Welcome To My Dream

    Well, i couldnt sleep and then i got bored so i thought id spend the morning building a mock-up of what id like Pandora to look like. Please note that im in no way affiliated with the developers and that making the console look anything like this would most likely push costs through the roof, so...
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    Our New Machine, Pandora

    is the click people are talking about here referring to the sound or the tactile nature of the buttons? obviously it wouldnt be good if it made a clicking noise but there are definite usability advantages from keys which provide resistance before making contact across the switch, rather than...
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    Our New Machine, Pandora

    anyone whos used a speccy knows what those are like. apart from them being awful, theres just no way to get them small and sturdy enough anyway due to the moulding process. samsungs d500 mobile has the best keypad ive seen in any small device so, if there was one out there like that, you could...
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    Our New Machine, Pandora

    shoulder buttons have to be 2 on each side i reckon. the two analogue 'sticks' cant really be used along with the face buttons so having more up on the shoulders (or over on the back of the case) is important. you could have one on the outside of the corner and another on top too, and that way...
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    Our New Machine, Pandora

    quick question: have you guys looked into led backlighting for this thing? none of that fancy rgb stuff, just a basic white. i have no idea of the bulk pricing on such components but the heat and power reduction would certainly be welcome. other than that, it really sounds like it could go far...
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    Screen Protector Questions

    there are normally a few on ebay, people sell all kinds of spares/parts from bricked or unwanted consoles. there are 3 on there now, but theyre not exactly cheap for just a bit of plastic.
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    Squidgesnes Problem

    ive been unable to run anything in squidgesnes and fishynes since upgrading to fw2.0, did you update it recently? also, anyone know if the emus are being updated to work properly with fw2.0?
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    New Joystick Cap Fell Off...

    heres the link telling you how to order a cap on its own:
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    Where To Buy In The Uk? Hexen Doom Quake Duke?

    the online world still loves you, even if most mainstream shops dont. take a look at and im sure youll find whatever you want on the cheap. they sell preowned stuff but its in surprisingly good condition for the price (cex also have actual shops dotted about, there may be one...
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    First Payback Rolling Demo

    and just about every pc game released since then. this happened because its fairly easy to come up with an original or semi-original look for a game, certainly far easier than it is to come up with an original game with decent playability. also, since websites and magazines often have...
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    Another Joystick Idea...

    you could just file the stick part of the joystick head into a squareish octagon too, thatd probably have much the same effect and its not such a big deal if you mess it up.. edit: ignore that, just noticed that it doesnt extend all the way down to the base.
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    First Payback Rolling Demo

    played, yes. paid for, im not so sure. if said game supports mods and hacks and all manner of other user editable elements then i think it would be worth paying for, even if the game is crap out of the box, but if youre just gonna play it once and never touch it again then i think cost becomes...
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    First Payback Rolling Demo

    i wasnt impressed either, but it wasnt the graphics. the game seemed to lack something that made it worth playing over and over, and im still not sure what that thing was. on the upside tho, it looks like a great engine and i certainly hope more games will be built on it. imagine burnout for the...
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    Games That Dont Need Juice

    im pretty sure chaos engine was only ever out on the megadrive/genesis and nothing earlier. perhaps there was a gamegear version tho?
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    Hardcore Game Vs Casual Games

    well wow isnt just grinding mobs to level up. you can get to the current level cap of 60 quite fast, and while you level up as well as when youre at the cap you can indulge in some (a lot.. too much) pvp stuff against other players. i admit some of them play worse than the ai mobs, but sometimes...