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    Gp2X Parts

    Hi People Gosh its been awhile, I trust everything is ticking over nicely in gp32x world :) I've been doing a clear out of my infamous "it'll come in useful one day" pile as well as my "I'll get round to finishing that project" pile. And I've come across one of my poor beleaguered gp2x...
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    Pandora :o

    WOW before I thought the pandora was pretty cool Now i think it is the best thing since sliced white Qudos to the devs for such a mammoth undertaking For those who are feeling jaded or upset concerning delays, just hang in there i say and count yourself lucky you are gonna get your hands on...
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    Hello People Long Time

    Hey guys Sure been awhile I was moving house and I found my Gamepark goodies awww memories :) gp32 and those strange shiny goldie things? What were they called SMC's? Man those things were awesome, I actually had to blow on some of them to get them working ( how retro is that!) I even got...
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    Psp On Tv

    Hiya Currently playing metal gear solid portable ops on my laptop screen using my keyboard a few instability here and there but runs pretty okay considering it a first release Heres a link to instructions LINKY BTW How do I map keyboard buttons to my usb joypad? I remember doing it before...
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    Ds Lite Console + Ezflash Lite + 2gb Microsd

    Hiya Its a white ds lite no scratches whatsoever, very slight discolouration on trigger buttons The EZFLASH card works well I haven't had any issues just make sure you have the latest software from the ezflash english forum EZFLASH IV FORUM So any takers?
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    Great Deal On 2gb Duo

    Hiya Just thought I'll let you guys know £8 pounds for a 2GB duo they have slow transfer speeds but read speeds are fine Amazon vgame_uk Get them while theyre still there :D Just bought another two
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    Arcade Usb Joystick

    Hiya Was wondering if anyone has any experience connecting a arcade style joypad to the GP2X via USB Would be interested in knowing how you got on and what your impressions were Thanks
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    Gp2x Media Player?

    Whhyyyy doesn't GamePark gives us better media player support one of the selling point of the gp2x is its ability to play unconverted video files Very few handhelds offer this capability if they want to sell units it aint going to be by the games available as emulators are a grey area legally...
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    Tv-out Boot

    Hiya Was wondering if anyone has figured a way to do TVOUT on boot because I reaaallly miss playing my GP2X My screen is fubared you see and I forgot the key presses to get tv out run (should of wrote it down) :( Please guys :) Thanks
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    Psx Ripping Guide (psp)

    Hiya Thought I'll knock together this highly rudimentary guide to help anyone having problems Firstly a brief explanation of how it works With the release of Dark Alexs Custom Firmware 3.02 OE-A psx games from the PS3STORE were cracked allowing you download it and run it On Christmas...
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    Unlock Nand

    Hiya I ressurected my GP today but I like forgot alot of stuff how do you uninstall cramfs because it locks your NAND and I wanna update to latest firmware Thanks
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    Live Tv On Psp

    Hiya I got TV on my psp running using PMPVLC basically its a VLC client for your PSP SO VLC runs on your PC and it rencodes the stream on the fly and sends it to the PSP theres about a 30sec delay and you can't remotely change channels atm though I believe thats being worked on, I have been...
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    Gp2x Torrents

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    Gp2x Gps

    Hiya Just saw that hackaday article GPS SDIO card interfaced to a gp2x all internal well apart from the antenna I think looks prettty scweet
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    Usb Sound Input?

    Hiya Came across this cool light snake usb cable that lets you plug in your guitar or other instrument up to the usb port Jus thought it'll be a cool thing to be able to do
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    Gp2x Parts

    Tis a sad day my GP2X has passed away at 15.40 GMT He was on the donor list so the screen and other parts (apart from PCB obv) Are for Sale :ph34r: A sad day indeed :(
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    GP2X Tvout Boot Script

    Hiya I made a post in general never got that many replies thought I'll try here So is it possible to have the gp2x output tvout on boot? any help would be very much appreciated
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    For Sale/trade: Ipod 4g 20gb

    Hiya Some minor scratches on the screen but otherwise in pretty good condition Comes with firewire usb cable+charger Any offers?
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    Tv Out Boot Script?

    Hiya Was wondering if anyone can help me with making a script that outputs tvout on boot Any help would be appreciated Thanks
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    5 Euro Wrt54g?

    Hiya Was wondering if any of you guys have come across this Fon subsidised router business Basically the terms are you agree to share you internet connection with the public for a year They come with a custome firmware that monitors this, however there "devious" methods to bypass this by...