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  1. F_Slim

    Newly formatted ext4 is read only

    Hi, I'm a bit lost on this one: I got a new 128GB SD card and want to create 2 partitions: half ext4, half fat32 (or anything else Windows likes). Formatting seems to work fine, everything is ok with the fat32 partition, but the ext4 partition is read only! fsck claims that everything is fine...
  2. F_Slim

    Sound via Bluetooth (to Grundig M2100)

    Hi, today I bought a new CD player (Grundig M2100) which supports Bluetooth. From the manual it looks like all you have to do is connect the device and you should be able to stream the sound. Connecting the Pandora was easy, it finds the CD player (although it sees it as Headset-device, but I...
  3. F_Slim

    Release TV-Browser

    Hi, I updated TV-Browser .PND to version 3.3.2 If you already have version 3.2.1 installed, it will ask you to update your Plugins. I recommend you do so (so make sure you are connected to the Internet). It should keep all your settings and already...
  4. F_Slim

    lid-close/lid-open signals?

    Hi, is there a way to catch the lid-close/lid-open signals from the system from within Python? It's for my Xplanet frontend The frontend uses pygtk. I'm running Xplanet as a subprocess with...
  5. F_Slim

    [Application] Xplanet with custom Frontend/Launcher (released)

    Hi there,   finally, after one week of agony I can give you a beta-version B) (everything was working as it should, until I packed it up as PND ... then suddenly NOTHING worked anymore, and it took me forever to (hopefully) fix everything and make it work again ... I was close to giving up to...
  6. F_Slim

    Joystick buttons e.g. in DosBox?

    Hi, I'd like to get the left nub working as joystick in DosBox. It fails already with the attempt to calibrate the "joystick", which usually starts with "center your joystick and press a button", where button refers to a joystick-button (which doesn't exist on the Pandora, at least in default...
  7. F_Slim

    Tutorial: format your SD-card (and install Slackware) using only your Pandora

    Tutorial: format your SD-card (and install Slackware) using only your Pandora Hi, this is a small tutorial aimed at people like me, who would like to try Slackware but felt too inexperienced to start the complicated looking procedure. Truth is: it is incredibly easy! And you can do it...
  8. F_Slim

    Release TV-Browser 3.2.1

    Hi, I updated TV-Browser .PND to version 3.2.1 It adds several new features and some speed improvements. If you already have version 3.1 installed, it will ask you to update your Plugins. I recommend you do so (so make sure you are connected to the...
  9. F_Slim

    How to press DEL ?

    Hi, I never managed to figure out how to use the DEL key. From the button design I would have guessed Shift+<-, but that also just gives me backspace. Fn+<- does INS ... Also: is there a way to delete files from the File Manager with a Shift+DEL combination (to clarify: here I mean the...
  10. F_Slim

    TV-Browser 3.1

    Hallo, sozusagen in Fortsetzung von diesem Thread: habe ich tvbrowser-portable in eine PND verpackt: Es wird Wizard Stan's Java.PND benötigt: Worum geht's überhaupt...
  11. F_Slim

    Release TV-Browser 3.1

    Hi there, I wrapped the current version of tvbrowser-protable into a .PND: It requires Wizard Stan's Java.pnd: http://repo.openpand...detail&app=java TV-Browser gets the daily TV program from the internet and shows it clearly aranged - like a printed TV...
  12. F_Slim

    Screen goes black (hinge?)

    Hi, today, out of the blue, my Pandora started to have this problem: When I move the lid from completely open to a more upright position, the screen goes black. It looks to me like a loose contact. The speakers are not affected.I do not get any weird colors or anything, it just turns off...
  13. F_Slim

    Nightvision 3.0.1

    Hallo, vielleicht erinnert Ihr Euch, da ich mal versucht hatte Nightvision auf die Pandora zu bringen? Wenn nicht ist auch egal, jedenfalls habe ich jetzt eine Pandora zum testen, und jetzt funktioniert's auch! Es ist eine Java-Application, also muß auch WizardStan's java.pnd installiert sein...
  14. F_Slim

    Release Nightvision 3.0.1

    Hi there, maybe you remember that I once tried to port Nightvision to the Pandora? Now that I have a Pandora to test it, it finally works. It still may crash from time to time, but there is nothing I can do about it. This is a Java-app, so you need to have WizardStan's java.pnd installed...
  15. F_Slim

    Power Supply Unit plug does not fit ???

    Hi, sorry, I am pretty upset right now: I received my Pandora last Thursday, but without battery or power-supply unit. Ok, ED send them to me the same day, but it took UPS until today (Monday) to finally deliver them! I unpack the power-supply unit and try to plug it into my Pandora and...
  16. F_Slim

    Shortest newspost of all times (2012-02-22) frei übersetzt:
  17. F_Slim

    Zone Warrior (Amiga)

    Hallo, ich habe folgendes Problem: Meine original Disketten vom Spiel "Zone Warrior" (Amiga) sind defekt. Ich hatte vor Jahren alle meine Disketten als .adf konvertiert um sie am Emulator spielen zu können, aber hier war leider nichts zu machen. Es gibt natürlich gecrackte Versionen im Netz...
  18. F_Slim

    Frohes Fest

    Hallo, ich wünsche Euch allen schöne Feiertage und ein frohes Fest (was auch immer gefeiert wird) :-)
  19. F_Slim

    Dein Avatar in PokerTH für Pandora

    Hallo, Mr Rob hat PokerTH für die Pandora portiert und schon ordentlich optimiert: Ich habe vorgeschlagen die wichtigsten Leute hinter der Pandora mit ins Spiel zu packen, damit man gegen sie (als AI) spielen kann. Mr Rob...
  20. F_Slim

    Your avatar in PokerTH for Pandora

    Hi all, as you probably know, Mr Rob ported PokerTH to the Pandora (and put quite a lot of work into it): http://boards.openpa...kerth-083-beta/ I suggested that it would be a cool idea to have all the important people behind the Pandora in the game, so you could play against them as AI...