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    Here are the emus I have on my SD cards: Atari ST = Outcast Megadrive/MegaCD = PicoDrive SNES = squidgesnes NES = Gpfce GBA = Gpsp PCEngine = hu6280 All of those emulators run decently. PicoDrive is probably the most flawless as far as I can see. Hope that helped.
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    I Can't Plug Sd Cards Into My Brand New Gp2x

    God damn, that is unlucky. :( I hope the one I get isn't buggered in some way too. Have you tried unscrewing the joystick and all that stuff (i think they screw on)? I can't really suggest anything else.....
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    I've Only Got Sd Cards To Play With

    Thanks for the replies chaps, i think i've got all the emus and interpretors updated now. GP2X will be here tomorrow!
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    I've Only Got Sd Cards To Play With

    Today is a frustrating day. I was expecting my gp2x to arrive and when I got home I saw a parcel and got all excited. I ripped it open and low and behold, it was my SD cards and card reader. No gp2x yet. :( So now I have 3 2GB SD cards to fill in preparation. I already have one card filled...
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    The Official Best Deals Topic I got 3 2GB Kingston SD cards for £23 thanks to the £10 off google check out offer! :D
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    Look What I Found On Ebay

    Delivered to your door for only £205!!!!! Comes complete with a 256mb SD card! Ebay GP2X :lol:
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    Xgp Release?

    Bugger, I realised that when I was in the shower and was hoping I could edit my post without anyone noticing. You guys pick up on everything! ;)
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    Xgp Release?

    Hey Gary. Check out the pics of the prototype here:;num=1131905078 IMO it looks a bit tacky. There are some specs of the unit here if you haven't seen those: As far as price is concerned, I'm sure it will be pretty...
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    GP2X Python/pygame Question

    I saw Python in the WIP section of the wiki. I have a little knowledge of the language and a few tutorial books laying around too, so does that mean even I could be developing small apps and things as soon as I get my GP2X? Python is a high level language so it will always be slow as hell on...
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    To Craigix

    *cough*kids*cough* sorry
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    Large Joystick Dead Zone In Gp2x

    Are GPH likely to change the actual hardware then?
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    Wallpaper Rotation?

    This file contains the skins for the menu's as they are:,0,0,0,8,861 I believe you set these files up with your own graphics and then run the scripts from the SD card, which then overwrites the old skins with your home created stuff. So, it looks...
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    Quake I Released

    Great!! I played through quake on my old PC (back in the day) with no 3d hardware and got around 12fps, so if what I read is correct and this runs 10-15fps its going to be very cool indeed. Thank you very much woogal.
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    I would 100% recommend Ubuntu. Anyone that would like to try Ububtu Linux without removing Windows or installing anything to their hard drive can use a Live CD, which basically has Linux on a bootable CD so you can try it out and see what you think. The Live CD will be tons slower than an actual...
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    Gp2x.letter Ready For Your Subscription!

    Got mine this morning, thanks for the effort its much appreciated. Keep it up!
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    Gpx2 Just Arrived

    There are loads in various formats here (including night of the living dead):
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    Lots Of Skins To Come

    Here is my first mock up, made with inkscape using the gartoon icons: Hehe this is going to be fun (when I can actually afford one that is).
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    Lots Of Skins To Come

    Looks like the music menu is going to be the biggest bitch to change the skin for, but still should be no probs. efegea, the GP2X logo at the top there, with the transparent bg - did you do it yourself or is there one with transparency available somewhere? I'm lazy....
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    Question From A Noob

    I just registered here today and found the wiki VERY useful: The emulators will be made specially for the GP2X, you cannot simply copy an emulator on to a SD disk and run it due to the different CPU architectures and software platforms. This list might give...
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    Questions From A New Person

    I can see tension is mounting as you wait for you deliveries, its understandable. And everywhere on the internet has its troll issues these days.... Nice link in your sig btw The_Consumer :lol: