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  1. neurocyp

    Release GNU Robbo 0.68 rc4 released

    Hi! I've built an svn version of GNU Robbo.  What is new is light effects in the game. regards
  2. neurocyp

    Release Brain wave generator for Pandora

    Hi, I've noticed that nobody else had ported this software before, so I took the liberty and I built it. You can find some more info on its web page: The pnd file is here: I wrote...
  3. neurocyp

    Release GNU Robbo updated to version 0.68

    Hi, I just got my Pandora, and decided to compile the newest version of GNU Robbo for the Pandora. I placed a pnd file, which contains over 1700 levels, some of them quite new (the series called Tre Robbo) and untested, I tried to test them all, but it is simply too many of them:) the file...
  4. neurocyp

    calibrating touch screen - pandora

    Hi, I'm a new quite happy user, but i have a small issue, which seems to me as software issue. When I try to calibrate the touch screen it says, that I'm supposed to reboot the unit, in order to get new settings to work. And after the reboot, i see, that the touch screen seems not...
  5. neurocyp

    Gnu Robbo Updated

    Hi, I've just uploaded new GNU Robbo pack, there is a slight change in the engine, as guns or lasers should not kill Robbo during teleport. I've added the change, so it would be more compatible with some converted levelsets (like TRE Robbo).
  6. neurocyp

    Gnu Robbo: Tre Robbo Levels

    Hi, there are new robbo levels, which I converted to GNU robbo. I'm trying to test them all, but it is a lot of them, so perhaps some of you would like to try, and help me with these? If so, here is attached "dat" file, that is to be put into levels directory in your GNU Robbo directory (it is...
  7. neurocyp

    Sd Card With Ext2 Filesystem

    Hi, not sure, if it is a right place, to start this thread, so don't scream :) I noticed that sometimes my caanoo breaks the fat filesystem on sd card . So I thought that perhaps it would not do it with ext2 fs. here is what I did. First of all I tried to modify initscripts, but then I...
  8. neurocyp

    Caanoo Sometimes Breaks Filesystem On My Sd Card

    Hi, I'm not sure if it is only problem with my unit, or it is some kind of a general issue. I have firmware 1.6.0, and sometimes, I notice, that my caanoo makes the filesystem broken. fsck.vfat complains about APPS and GAME dir is not linked to root directory. Luckyly I have backups, but I just...
  9. neurocyp

    Gnu Robbo For Caanoo

    Hi, I just bought caanoo, and I love it:) I've compiled GNU Robbo 0.65-8. There are few new features in comparison to the version 0.65-6: first now it supports Robbo Alex maps (new type of a bomb), it has music support compiled in (just drop ogg files into music directory). it has some...