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  1. Klumpen

    Puszion for Android or Pyra?

    The game I miss the most since selling my GPH Caanoo many years ago is Puszion and the homepage of the developer has been offline for a long time now. Is here any way to get this game for Android or Dragonbox Pyra? I really miss it.
  2. Klumpen

    Help wanted: BlueTooth Headset - no mic input

    I managed to get the speakers to work pretty fast, but no matter what I do, there is no mic input. It would be greatly appreciated if anybody could help out in finding the problem. Operating System: Linux Mint 19.3 - 64bit Kernel Version: 5.3.0-51-generic BlueZ Version: 5.52 Audio environment...
  3. Klumpen

    International Men's Day

    I didn't even know that it exists, apparently it was yesterday. Well, time for some issue awareness then: ------------------------------------------------- Wikipedia really needs an update (2008)...
  4. Klumpen

    Silent Linux Desktop Boxes (non ARM)

    So, after a thoroughly unpleasant venture into the Raspberry 4 land, I decided to get something like the MintBox Mini 2 instead. Since the availability and price of that are downsides, I wanted to ask whether someone here can recommend me a silent (!!! - no fans if possible) small system to...
  5. Klumpen

    Vegetarian Awareness Month (October) To give you a little nudge, here's a great recipe for meatless pumpkin stew that is incredibly tasty, I made something similar one or two months ago:
  6. Klumpen

    USB Crank I don't have a 3D Printer or access to one, but the idea makes sense to me and since my mouse wheel died today, I'd actually love to have a horizontal and a vertical crank for scrolling instead. Does anyone here know where to get ready made...
  7. Klumpen

    Game Source Code Collection

    I never knew had that. Knock yourselves out:
  8. Klumpen

    SolSeraph - a tribute to ActRaiser

    Platformer RTS hybrid
  9. Klumpen

    Ubuntu is phasing out i386 (32bit) libraries altogether From the Ubuntu Devel Announce mailing list: Unless stuff gets ported to 64bit it won't function anymore. That said 18.04 is supported until 2023 so there's still time to adapt... yet I can...
  10. Klumpen

    Google now pays more money in EU fines than in taxes Yet they are allowed to carry on.
  11. Klumpen

    The Internet of Things (Smart locks, etc...)

    My landlord recently sent out a letter to all residents saying that the key system will be updated soon and now I stumbled over this and fear the worst: Read her updates on the last post too. Relevant - LockPickingLawyer:
  12. Klumpen

    Retroarch problems

    Hello, since PCSX-ReARMed for Android only seems to be available inside of Retroarch, I want to use that, because of the way superior performance to ePSXe, unfortunately no matter what I do, I can't save SRAM or SaveStates, so am not able to make any progress at all. The app is set to have...
  13. Klumpen

    The Big Hack: Some Bloomberg article with a click-bait headline

    It had to happen at some point. Cyberwar with the country that produces nearly all the chips since everyone wanted stuff to be cheap for years, great.
  14. Klumpen

    Linux trojans

    Check if ~/.config/autostart/dbus-daemon.desktop exists.
  15. Klumpen

    Offtopic from 4 year old (Is the Oculus Rift doomed?) thread
  16. Klumpen


    De-anonymizing programmers from executable binaries:
  17. Klumpen

    EU wants to require platforms to filter uploaded content (including code)

  18. Klumpen

    JavaME applications / Pre-Android games / PSPKVM Well, is there a way to make that work natively without double emulation or is it possible to make some kind of trimmed down PPSSPP/PSPKVM package?
  19. Klumpen

    Retargetable Decompiler
  20. Klumpen

    Time Machine v3 - 2 player edition? This is exactly what I was waiting for BUT in a 2 player version. Is something like that planned or available somewhere? I imagined something like the double X-Arcade Tankstick with rPI integrated and emus installed and pre-configured.