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  1. Rivroner

    Pocketsnes 6.5.0 Prerelease Hd Video

    Headoverheels from gp32spain has been working a lot in the emulator improvement: In a few days you all will enjoy this new release. :)
  2. Rivroner

    Release What about NDS emulation? Do you think it is possible?

    What about NDS emulation? Do you think it is possible? I am not very interested but i think a lot of people are :D
  3. Rivroner

    Is Pandora Screen Vision Angle Much Better Than Gp2x F200?

    That is my main preocupation about Pandora, i don´t want a F200 vision angle, the F100 angle is optimus but the F200 is horrible :( I hope the Pandora developers can make a video moving and rotating the Pandora screen to see the reality. Thank you :) Sorry for my bad english.
  4. Rivroner

    What About Saturn Emulation?

    What do you think? I know that is a very difficult machine to emulate but i think it worth the effort. A lot of incredible 2D stuff is awaiting for us in Saturn :) Astal, a lot of 2D Shoot em up games, rpg´s,... Also in 3D we have Virtua Figther 2, Sega Rally, Panzer Dragoon Trilogy, RPg´s...
  5. Rivroner

    Pocketsnes With Sa-1 Support:super Mario Rpg.

    HeadOverHeels has released a new version with SA-1 support and with "Speedhacks" of "SnesAdvance" support. This is an Alpha, so is much less compatible and slower than previous versions. This version is only recommended to play Super Mario RPG, is not a substitute for the previous version...
  6. Rivroner

    Fba2x By Headoverheels (thank You Squidge)

    This is a quick version but with useful and important changes: - Frame limiter and autoframeskip. - Fps counter (L+R+Y) - Added Craigix Ram Timmings. - Volume control. - Now you can exit from the emulator with L+R+START - Button mapping modified for vertical games(VOL_UP & VOL_DOWN to Fire...
  7. Rivroner

    Pocketsnes 6.4.2 By Headoverheels

    Hi boys, a new and incredible version :) We can call it 6.4.2 - Last changes are points 11 and 12 : Change History ============== Changes by HeadOverHeels 1. USB pads support 2. Fixed sky colour for Super Mario World when transparencies are not active. 3. Fixed framerate for PAL games (50...
  8. Rivroner

    Pocketsnes V6.3 F200 By Headoverheels

    HeadOverHeels says: I have fixed some things to this marvellous Reesy´s Emulator: - Sound frequencies have been changed (8250,16500) to make GP2X F200 compatible.NO more hangs in F200 with sound frequencies. - 256x240 games resolution problem have been fixed.Super Mario World PAL for...