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  1. JayFoxRox

    Pandora Pancake Pandora Sdk Survey

    Some of you might know that I'm working on a SDK for the Pandora for quite some time. I have already shown my Pandora-Emulator and I'm still working on that - it will ship with this SDK. Rather than just collecting toolchains and other SDKs, this SDK will probably come with makefiles to...
  2. JayFoxRox

    Beta Pvr Insider Sdk Gles2 Demos I have had this online for some time now already but didn't post it earlier. Basicly some (not all, missing the first few) PVR Insider SDK Training Course Binarys. The Demos (Shaders, Coverflow and Skybox) are not included because they are similar...
  3. JayFoxRox

    Pandora Qemu Based Pandora Usermode-"emulator" Poc

    This is a POC (Proof of concept) only, don't expect anything too cool for now. A download will be made available once I cleaned up the source Hey, I just wanted to tell you about one of my current side projects, called pandora-emulate. Basicly, its a wrapper around qemu including: - A launcher...
  4. JayFoxRox

    Obtaining The Sgx Sdk For Your Beagleboard

    Most of you probably had problems getting the SGX SDK for your beagleboard. I wasted my whole weekend waiting for them to give me access to "OMAP35x_Graphics_SDK_setuplinux_3_00_00_09.bin" after filling out the export approval which is said to take 24-48 hours. Before that you also have to set...
  5. JayFoxRox


    This is not Pandora specific at all - I'm looking for devs to complete this or those, who might want to have voice chat in their game I added this project to the wiki in the utilities section. I will update the article whenever I have time to do it. I have about...
  6. JayFoxRox

    Blog Feature - Multi Blog Support?

    The description says it. Its kinda stupid to have only one blog per person. Most people will just put crap on theirs and the developers who don't have their own webpage will probably want one per project and other people who host their project blogs externally like me probably want to have...
  7. JayFoxRox

    Release Pandora-PSP

    Moved back to: Major updates can be found at:
  8. JayFoxRox

    Share Common Snippets?

    I was wondering wether it would be good or not to share common code like: - Shader code recompiler - CPU code recompiler - DSP code recompiler or other similar things which are important for alot of projects, reaching from emulators over games to more complex applications. Is it really...
  9. JayFoxRox

    Pandora Pandora-psp

    <Moved to Pandora-PSP Blog>
  10. JayFoxRox

    Reachability Of The Triggers

    Hey, first post: I was wondering wether the triggers are even reachable while having both thumbs at the analog nubs. I tried to hold a DS in my hands and then putting my thumbs to where the analog nubs of the pandora would be. Surprisingly it was extremly hard to still operate the trigger keys...